Monday, May 2, 2011

To the adventure!

One cold day us adventures set out in a coach of exquisite color and nobility. A sky blue VW Bug. We had hopes and dreams and fears. But we took the plunge, a road trip of epic proportions -Albuquerque to Santa Fe. Everything was going smoothly well except for when some sort of unexplained fuzz blew out of the heating vent into Tinkerbell's lap. We made it to Santa Fe.... but not back in the noble coach. I still don't know what went wrong in out noble steed to hinder our return voyage in that great car. But it all was an adventure that could never be forgotten!
And this post has been a long time coming...
For my sweet, luscious, golden hearted friend. The Bessa who has so much strength and beauty often times it knocks my socks off. Magic eyes there is no one no one like you! You are so awesome! You inspire us all the time... which can be quite hard sometimes. Thank you for your writing and giving us the chance to see through your eyes. I love and miss you!