Friday, November 13, 2009

#12 ok so i don't really know.

I found a few photos that capture a bit of what my brain looks like or feels like...
but I don't mean in the physical realm I mean more on the emotional level.

numero uno.
yes folks it's a dumpster. Yes it does look quite frustrated. Do you think it is frustrated that it perhaps wants to be something different? That it feels trapped in what it is? That no matter what it does or where it goes it will always be a dumpster? yes, yes it does.

numero dos

I am intrigued by dead birds. This one especially caught my eye. It is so beautiful but so dead. The flight of birds is a freedom very few living creatures can relate too. Yet here that freedom is chained to the same prison of death we all face.
Your death is noticed.

Numero tres (internal debate ensues as whether or not to pick another morbid pic or an uplifting pic ....)

And here it is.... the anti-leah. I played a video game where the hero had to fight hisself in shadow form. It was called the anti-(insert hero's name here). This is my shadow, my anti-leah. We all have them. They follow us. They mock us. In the end we have to fight them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

dedicated to.....

this is dedicated to the overlooked, the downtrodden, the ignored, the mocked, the kids that heard they were not good enough, the hurting, the lost, the plan Bs, the ones who heard blah blah blah one to many times, to the girls who are never picked at all, to the women who are left alone, to the lonely, to the brokenhearted, to the angry.

You are loved. You matter. I wish you knew it.

take this oppurtunation to be pleased to enjoyment.

A little bit fuzzy like my brain.

So I find myself wanting to sound eloquent and deep but instead I find myself not (<---see I prove my point with that last sentence). My words are always very few and they rarely sound like something you would want to remember forever. I am a get to the point type person. I'd rather have something done and gone rather than having it haunt me (like a ghost or a bad fart). And if I don't get it done? I let it lay forgotten. And then I read Sarah's Project 52 and oh no I don't have the time nor the brain power to create such a marvelous writing. So then what do I write about? what do I have to say... I really don't know. I know that I like things short and sweet, so more than likely that is how you will get them. I like random thoughts and scattered sentences. I most certainly could spit shine my grammar skills but I don't really want to, not with cutting out turkey crafts, exercising, playing guitar, being a pirate/ ninja/ flying monkey to do.
I am me and this is who I am, no more no less, and if you expect more be prepared to be let down. Now I am not saying that anyone was complaining about my skills, I suppose I am still trying to convince myself.
I don't even have a photo picked out for this week... I kinda did but as I started writing it changed. Ah yes one was just brought to mind not having anything to do with what I wrote about.