Thursday, October 29, 2009

number something numerical snowly snowly said the flake

I see this sight everyday as I leave work... it may be covered in snow, damp from rain, sun shiny and bright, full of cars but it always seems to incite the same feeling within me....The world is mine for the taking!!!
I am on my way to who knows where, I am leaving work and I am free. To fly, to run, to laugh, to cry, to nap, to bike, to walk, to shop. I am off the clock and the world is my oyster. That is the feeling I get and as I turn left, the tired usually sets in and home sounds oh so pleasant... and I fight with myself. "You are free...." and my brain says .... I am free to nap.

softly falling down
keep us inside imprisoned
fall good if you fall.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I don't even know what week this is

I am mortified that I have allowed the time to slip by without updating my Project 52. I could blame it on not having internet at home right now... but then I realized that I could take my laptop places with wifi... I had forgotten about wifi.

Well lets just pretend that I am on week 10 ok and move onward from there.

For some reason this picture speaks hope to me. The sunlight beaming through the trees convinces me that there is something more to life than what I have lost. It is a hidden wink that I was able to capture with my lens.

Do you ever find in life you see these little winks, feel these little kisses and find that hope for a brief second until life's worries whisk you away?
Next time you see or feel one of these moments for yourself try to hold it in your heart a little bit longer, through the fast pace and distractions and remember there is something more!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

#9 LOST.

How many of you if you could get any sort of response and possibly a finding from it would put a sign out for something you have lost?

Lost heart.
Lost hope.
Lost love.
Lost friend.
Lost childhood
Lost sense of humor.
Lost brother.
Lost years.
Lost left sock.

I hope whoever lost their turtle finds it.