Sunday, September 27, 2009

cars are fun to take pics of. #7

I like the way the sun is shining and I love the name Belvedere.

I like the way the sunlight is casting shadows from the word Oldsmobile.

Friday, September 18, 2009

State Fair What number is this.. 5 or 6?

Fall is settling in here at ABQ. Darkness creeping in earlier, cold air caressing us in the night and early morning asking for big sweaters, soft sweatshirts, scarves and cute knit hats.
It also means the New Mexico State Fair one of my favorite things about my little "land of enchantment."
I went to the state fair the first weekend it was open. It was not as busy as I expected but then the lack of people was a pleasant surprise. There are many reasons to go but I would say the top reason my friend and I go year after year....... is the food. From giant turkey legs to deep fried anything. I personally love the Navajo Tacos.
That is what my thoughts lingered on as I stepped off the cliff of my diet into the realm of high fat fair food.
We entered the Indian Village and the sweet yet earthy flavor of burning cedar wood entered my nostrils if only you could smell it yourselves. It was the authentic adobe orno that the Native Americans use to make their delicious loaves of Indian bread it was going with a beautiful fire. Infusing the entire Indian Village with a gentle haze of welcomed smoke.

Then I found a welcoming little booth to acquire my tasty Navajo taco from.
Yes everything on it please. On A bed of Indian fry bread a somewhat flat round, soft, fried, puffy tortilla, you put all the typical taco fixins but it is the fry bread that makes this food what it is. Yummy! I purchase it and go to find a seat.
We find a seat where we can watch the Indian Dancers in all their beautiful authentic garb. I am amazed at the Native Americans heritage, I am impressed by the warrior spirit they all carry around inside them. I've had many times to witness the Indian dances here in New Mexico and every time I see them I am blown away by the intricate and gorgeous costumes they make for themselves.
This is the picture I really want to share with you I will let it speak for its self. I hope you enjoyed the time we shared in the Indian Village at the New Mexico State Fair.
May you find the warrior spirit within you to get you through lifes battles and may your dances be to the One that deserves them all!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#5 todo azul

In an attempt to run away I was on a drive out and about in the mountains and I drove past this truck with visions of far away lands and places in mind. But this blue beauty caught my eye and my heart caught in my chest and as I continued on I could not get it's blue body from my mind. So I quick turned around grabbed my camera and snapped at least a dozen pictures of this beautiful truck wrapped in a glorious day. This is the product of that short lived affair. I ran away found true love then came home for dinner.

And today is Nana's birthday!!! I have this great picture I took of her the other day and I just had to share.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

#4 a little bit, of a lot.

When I took this picture I knew it needed to be for now. It hit me, as not so grand, not so amazingly stunning. But it hit me.
I took it with my phone. Which unfortunately is the camera I am with most of the time. This one time though I was thankful it was the camera I had. Because my camera phone is less ostentatious, easier to capture a candid moment with no notice. I also like the feel it gave this photo. The colors are not so bold kind of the same brown, slightly dark. Not the greatest quality but still stunning because of the subject.
My Nana is one of the most beautiful people I know!
I love the way she sings hymns out loud, and I love that she plays with her food, I love that she talks to inanimate objects, I love that she cusses once in awhile to get a rise from people, I love that when I think about her I sometimes think I am a piece of her very soul. I am very much like her in so many ways and I could not be happier about that. She means the world to me and for that reason I wanted this pic- not so perfect but perfect to me.

Nana had an earache when I took this picture so I had put this hat on her to warm her ear. I am forever putting her in silly hats and taking pictures of her.... she kinda dislikes it but how can I not she is so flippin cute!!!
The day after I took this Nana went into the hospital for major hip pain. She was crying it hurt her so bad and believe me Nana doesn't cry. My family and I all often wonder....... you know those things that you wonder when an aged one goes into the hospital. This time though her visit was just for a few days.
I don't like thinking about my life without Nana. So I don't.
So for right now Nana and I will cause mayhem of every kind!

My Tata talks about how Nana in the "the old days" and he said he loved the way my Nana was with children. He knew that she would be a good mother. That is one of the biggest reasons he said he fell in love with her (also her bobby socks...but that one you'll have to hear from the horses mouth).
The first year I taught K-4 Nana came in my class and did a craft with the kids I will never forget that.
One time I asked Nana to draw a picture for me... she drew an olive with a hole in it.
cute lil Nana.