Wednesday, August 26, 2009

#3 backyard art.

I checked the photos I took recently and I just was not feeling it. In fact I am not feeling this either. I started work this week and I am beat! My brain is still on summer break so the profound thoughts.... are just not. Then I remembered something in my own backyard that I have been wanting to take some pictures of......
These little chilies are being nurtured by my mom in the backyard. I would pass them and think I need to take a picture of these beautiful little hotties!
I love purple and I love red and I love the two colors together, but the fact that they are growing naturally like this in a calm background of green leaves makes it an already painted work of art. Who's work of art? God's.
good times.
Thank You God.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Spider-Pest sighted in Land of Enchantment!

While on a bike ride,
Leah Scott, caught the un-incredible Spiderman obtrusively scaling an arroyo wall.
"Spiderman is giving desert dwellers the wrong impression of arroyos! He is making them seem as safe as pie!!!"
Yells J.J. Jameson Editor and chief of The Daily
But being a desert dweller herself Leah states,
"Well usually I would recomend staying out of arroyos due to flash floooding, but I am certain Spiderman can handle himself in such
dangerous predicements, I am sure he had a good reason for being there. Maybe he was saving a helpless lap dog or a legless chicken."

When questioned about being in the arroyo herself Leah just shrugged and said "Well I knew I would be ok with Spiderman around."

J.J. Jameson is pushing to have Spiderman unmasked and fined for being a bad example in the eyes of small impressionable children. Who should be staying far far away from arroyos not swinging to and fro like some goofy masked idiot!

J.J. Jameson states,
"You haven't heard that last of this Spiderpain, just you wait!!!"


I was riding my bike, on a bike trail that runs alongside an arroyo, on the other side of the arroyo I notice a blue and red spot. I think to myself.... is that Spiderman? I cross at a bridge so I can get a better look. Sure enough there is a Spiderman toy there. Not just haphazardly thrown but placed as if ready to swing into action!!
I have always loved comic books and so the comic book kid in me could not resist the photo opportunity. I turned some of the photos sideways and upsidedown to get that wall crawler feel to them. I like the way those photos feel. Not right and yet oh so right at the same time.
By the way in case you did not know "The Daily Bugle" always cast Spiderman in an negative light. So therefore my mock newspaper report was based on the newspaper in the Spiderman comics.

And that Folks is what my Project 52 #2 is about!

till next time...............

Friday, August 14, 2009

#1 of many! A salute.

I took this photo in Vero Beach, Florida. There is an island there called memorial island (please, correct me if I am wrong) and this huge flag was flapping gloriously in the breeze. You can not tell from the photo but this flag is so ginormous that it can be seen quite a way off. I have never considered myself a very patriotic individual, so honestly I can not say that this is a salute to my country. Perhaps in a way it is but...
Mostly though it is my way of saying I am here in the states again. I am "home" and for right now that is in the US. I am where I can go into a store and have millions upon millions of choices of just about anything to buy. I can walk around at night and be relatively safe. I can be surrounded by people almost constantly, I can snap my fingers and have any food that I desire... ok well maybe not quite snap my fingers but close!
This is a salute to how blessed I am to have a home where so many wonders abound.
It is also to say "no this is not my Honduras blog anymore." It is a goodbye to my time in Honduras and hello to a new chapter in my life. So if you are following this blog you will be taken on a journey of photos and my strange mind.
Welcome my friends to my project 52 where I am going to attempt to post a photo a week and struggle through a narrative of it. I am doing this with my friend Sarah Doty. She did a project 52 all last year and I was amazed and inspired by her. So check hers out as I do it along with her this year.
Leah Scott