Thursday, January 29, 2009

The status of my leg pit.

My leg is doing much better. Last week I got a tetanus shot and have been on antibiotics. I got plenty of stuff to clean it with and cream to rub on it. It is drying up nicely and closing. It consisted of about 5 different scrapes, one hole in the middle being the worst. That was the one causing all the problems and becoming a major adventure! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh the cleverness of me! or not....

Well I was on a walk yesterday and I was in an area of the finca that is fenced in by barbed wire. As I am walking home I end up missing the area where I go out. So very intelligently I decided to hop the barbed wire fence, I thought I had found a sturdy spot but apparently I did not. So on my way over the fence my barbed step broke causing me leg to be gouged on the barbs beneath. It was a good time and I showed Loke and Leah and cleaned it up with peroxide and I keep it pretty well neosporined. I think it is doing ok other than getting stuck to the bed when I sleep.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Click here to read about the little critter we saw tonight.

San Pedro Sula here I come or there I went?

Captains log stardate 01/10/09-
Went on a voyage to San Pedro Sula with out the help of a guide (namely Mrs. Veronica Bueso. Two friends (Megan Neal and Carissa Hanson) went with me and were a valued help in times of confusion. We made all bus connections with no issues, we bought groceries and were able to enjoy relaxing time in City Mall.
Megan was the assigned Linguist
Carissa was the talented Navigator
and I was the fearless leader.... ok well I did get the details of the journey from Mrs. Bueso and wrote 3 seperate directions for each of us.
Things to note-
We got lunch for "Platypus Lady" she is this homeless lady that hangs out in front of the mall, she has one huge dreadlock on the back of her head and she wears a black plastic garbage bag over her dirty brown pants. We talked to her and she made this strange little giggle with her toothless grin, we asked what she wanted and she said anything without mayonaise. She is pretty much my hero. As we went out to give her her lunch, she was crossing the street to go somewhere else and we had to chase her and flag her down to get the food to her. Sha said she was touched. That was the most exciting thing that happened this day. But that is good because we didn't want any major problems our first day alone in the city.
And tonight we saw a wierd little creature on a electrical wire. He had redish fur and it looked really soft, he had twitchy ears also a long naked tail. It was super cute and Chibi dubbed it Ferdenand. Ferdy for short I thought. God always has something to offer us here. Whether it be a Platypus Lady or a strange little critter. He has a way of opening our eyes and making Himself known!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yes folks it was another amazing day in Honduras. The sun was shining. the birds were making quite a racket and I was able to catch a few "Z's" on a somewhat deserted island. Ah a day to remember. My dog at my side and my adventuring vest on my back. Is there more than this?
Thank you God for another incredible day!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back in place.

I am home away from home! I am safe and I am sound.
And today here in Honduras it was glorious! From the very start of the beautiful new day it felt wonderful. The morning was crisp and cool and the day progressively warmed up, but not uncomfortably so. The sun shone brilliantly and the shade was refreshing. It was a great day for romping around which is exactly what some of us did. We ended our romping by watching the sun slip away behind some mountains, as we sat on a bridge and basked in the beauty of it all. Then to top it all off... we saw an otter by the lake. This was one of the most exciting moments in my Honduras history thus far. Then as night closed in, I walked home in the light of a bright half moon.
My kids are doing good and I am sure they are very happy that I am feeling better, I know I turned into quite the curmudgeon there for awhile. But now I feel so much better and have a lot more energy. Praise God!