Monday, December 21, 2009

please love this.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I have been planning a slide show... but only since after Thanksgiving. These are just some of the many things that make my heart jump and give me a slight glimmer of the Christmas spirit. You know that feeling of magic you barely remember having as a kid. I sometimes in the most minuscule way feel it and I see it when I look into a kids eyes around Christmas time.
This slide show is set to one of the most meaningful Christmas songs I have found. It never fails to make me stop and think about how special my Jesus is to me.

Friday, November 13, 2009

#12 ok so i don't really know.

I found a few photos that capture a bit of what my brain looks like or feels like...
but I don't mean in the physical realm I mean more on the emotional level.

numero uno.
yes folks it's a dumpster. Yes it does look quite frustrated. Do you think it is frustrated that it perhaps wants to be something different? That it feels trapped in what it is? That no matter what it does or where it goes it will always be a dumpster? yes, yes it does.

numero dos

I am intrigued by dead birds. This one especially caught my eye. It is so beautiful but so dead. The flight of birds is a freedom very few living creatures can relate too. Yet here that freedom is chained to the same prison of death we all face.
Your death is noticed.

Numero tres (internal debate ensues as whether or not to pick another morbid pic or an uplifting pic ....)

And here it is.... the anti-leah. I played a video game where the hero had to fight hisself in shadow form. It was called the anti-(insert hero's name here). This is my shadow, my anti-leah. We all have them. They follow us. They mock us. In the end we have to fight them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

dedicated to.....

this is dedicated to the overlooked, the downtrodden, the ignored, the mocked, the kids that heard they were not good enough, the hurting, the lost, the plan Bs, the ones who heard blah blah blah one to many times, to the girls who are never picked at all, to the women who are left alone, to the lonely, to the brokenhearted, to the angry.

You are loved. You matter. I wish you knew it.

take this oppurtunation to be pleased to enjoyment.

A little bit fuzzy like my brain.

So I find myself wanting to sound eloquent and deep but instead I find myself not (<---see I prove my point with that last sentence). My words are always very few and they rarely sound like something you would want to remember forever. I am a get to the point type person. I'd rather have something done and gone rather than having it haunt me (like a ghost or a bad fart). And if I don't get it done? I let it lay forgotten. And then I read Sarah's Project 52 and oh no I don't have the time nor the brain power to create such a marvelous writing. So then what do I write about? what do I have to say... I really don't know. I know that I like things short and sweet, so more than likely that is how you will get them. I like random thoughts and scattered sentences. I most certainly could spit shine my grammar skills but I don't really want to, not with cutting out turkey crafts, exercising, playing guitar, being a pirate/ ninja/ flying monkey to do.
I am me and this is who I am, no more no less, and if you expect more be prepared to be let down. Now I am not saying that anyone was complaining about my skills, I suppose I am still trying to convince myself.
I don't even have a photo picked out for this week... I kinda did but as I started writing it changed. Ah yes one was just brought to mind not having anything to do with what I wrote about.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

number something numerical snowly snowly said the flake

I see this sight everyday as I leave work... it may be covered in snow, damp from rain, sun shiny and bright, full of cars but it always seems to incite the same feeling within me....The world is mine for the taking!!!
I am on my way to who knows where, I am leaving work and I am free. To fly, to run, to laugh, to cry, to nap, to bike, to walk, to shop. I am off the clock and the world is my oyster. That is the feeling I get and as I turn left, the tired usually sets in and home sounds oh so pleasant... and I fight with myself. "You are free...." and my brain says .... I am free to nap.

softly falling down
keep us inside imprisoned
fall good if you fall.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I don't even know what week this is

I am mortified that I have allowed the time to slip by without updating my Project 52. I could blame it on not having internet at home right now... but then I realized that I could take my laptop places with wifi... I had forgotten about wifi.

Well lets just pretend that I am on week 10 ok and move onward from there.

For some reason this picture speaks hope to me. The sunlight beaming through the trees convinces me that there is something more to life than what I have lost. It is a hidden wink that I was able to capture with my lens.

Do you ever find in life you see these little winks, feel these little kisses and find that hope for a brief second until life's worries whisk you away?
Next time you see or feel one of these moments for yourself try to hold it in your heart a little bit longer, through the fast pace and distractions and remember there is something more!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

#9 LOST.

How many of you if you could get any sort of response and possibly a finding from it would put a sign out for something you have lost?

Lost heart.
Lost hope.
Lost love.
Lost friend.
Lost childhood
Lost sense of humor.
Lost brother.
Lost years.
Lost left sock.

I hope whoever lost their turtle finds it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

cars are fun to take pics of. #7

I like the way the sun is shining and I love the name Belvedere.

I like the way the sunlight is casting shadows from the word Oldsmobile.

Friday, September 18, 2009

State Fair What number is this.. 5 or 6?

Fall is settling in here at ABQ. Darkness creeping in earlier, cold air caressing us in the night and early morning asking for big sweaters, soft sweatshirts, scarves and cute knit hats.
It also means the New Mexico State Fair one of my favorite things about my little "land of enchantment."
I went to the state fair the first weekend it was open. It was not as busy as I expected but then the lack of people was a pleasant surprise. There are many reasons to go but I would say the top reason my friend and I go year after year....... is the food. From giant turkey legs to deep fried anything. I personally love the Navajo Tacos.
That is what my thoughts lingered on as I stepped off the cliff of my diet into the realm of high fat fair food.
We entered the Indian Village and the sweet yet earthy flavor of burning cedar wood entered my nostrils if only you could smell it yourselves. It was the authentic adobe orno that the Native Americans use to make their delicious loaves of Indian bread it was going with a beautiful fire. Infusing the entire Indian Village with a gentle haze of welcomed smoke.

Then I found a welcoming little booth to acquire my tasty Navajo taco from.
Yes everything on it please. On A bed of Indian fry bread a somewhat flat round, soft, fried, puffy tortilla, you put all the typical taco fixins but it is the fry bread that makes this food what it is. Yummy! I purchase it and go to find a seat.
We find a seat where we can watch the Indian Dancers in all their beautiful authentic garb. I am amazed at the Native Americans heritage, I am impressed by the warrior spirit they all carry around inside them. I've had many times to witness the Indian dances here in New Mexico and every time I see them I am blown away by the intricate and gorgeous costumes they make for themselves.
This is the picture I really want to share with you I will let it speak for its self. I hope you enjoyed the time we shared in the Indian Village at the New Mexico State Fair.
May you find the warrior spirit within you to get you through lifes battles and may your dances be to the One that deserves them all!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#5 todo azul

In an attempt to run away I was on a drive out and about in the mountains and I drove past this truck with visions of far away lands and places in mind. But this blue beauty caught my eye and my heart caught in my chest and as I continued on I could not get it's blue body from my mind. So I quick turned around grabbed my camera and snapped at least a dozen pictures of this beautiful truck wrapped in a glorious day. This is the product of that short lived affair. I ran away found true love then came home for dinner.

And today is Nana's birthday!!! I have this great picture I took of her the other day and I just had to share.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

#4 a little bit, of a lot.

When I took this picture I knew it needed to be for now. It hit me, as not so grand, not so amazingly stunning. But it hit me.
I took it with my phone. Which unfortunately is the camera I am with most of the time. This one time though I was thankful it was the camera I had. Because my camera phone is less ostentatious, easier to capture a candid moment with no notice. I also like the feel it gave this photo. The colors are not so bold kind of the same brown, slightly dark. Not the greatest quality but still stunning because of the subject.
My Nana is one of the most beautiful people I know!
I love the way she sings hymns out loud, and I love that she plays with her food, I love that she talks to inanimate objects, I love that she cusses once in awhile to get a rise from people, I love that when I think about her I sometimes think I am a piece of her very soul. I am very much like her in so many ways and I could not be happier about that. She means the world to me and for that reason I wanted this pic- not so perfect but perfect to me.

Nana had an earache when I took this picture so I had put this hat on her to warm her ear. I am forever putting her in silly hats and taking pictures of her.... she kinda dislikes it but how can I not she is so flippin cute!!!
The day after I took this Nana went into the hospital for major hip pain. She was crying it hurt her so bad and believe me Nana doesn't cry. My family and I all often wonder....... you know those things that you wonder when an aged one goes into the hospital. This time though her visit was just for a few days.
I don't like thinking about my life without Nana. So I don't.
So for right now Nana and I will cause mayhem of every kind!

My Tata talks about how Nana in the "the old days" and he said he loved the way my Nana was with children. He knew that she would be a good mother. That is one of the biggest reasons he said he fell in love with her (also her bobby socks...but that one you'll have to hear from the horses mouth).
The first year I taught K-4 Nana came in my class and did a craft with the kids I will never forget that.
One time I asked Nana to draw a picture for me... she drew an olive with a hole in it.
cute lil Nana.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

#3 backyard art.

I checked the photos I took recently and I just was not feeling it. In fact I am not feeling this either. I started work this week and I am beat! My brain is still on summer break so the profound thoughts.... are just not. Then I remembered something in my own backyard that I have been wanting to take some pictures of......
These little chilies are being nurtured by my mom in the backyard. I would pass them and think I need to take a picture of these beautiful little hotties!
I love purple and I love red and I love the two colors together, but the fact that they are growing naturally like this in a calm background of green leaves makes it an already painted work of art. Who's work of art? God's.
good times.
Thank You God.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Spider-Pest sighted in Land of Enchantment!

While on a bike ride,
Leah Scott, caught the un-incredible Spiderman obtrusively scaling an arroyo wall.
"Spiderman is giving desert dwellers the wrong impression of arroyos! He is making them seem as safe as pie!!!"
Yells J.J. Jameson Editor and chief of The Daily
But being a desert dweller herself Leah states,
"Well usually I would recomend staying out of arroyos due to flash floooding, but I am certain Spiderman can handle himself in such
dangerous predicements, I am sure he had a good reason for being there. Maybe he was saving a helpless lap dog or a legless chicken."

When questioned about being in the arroyo herself Leah just shrugged and said "Well I knew I would be ok with Spiderman around."

J.J. Jameson is pushing to have Spiderman unmasked and fined for being a bad example in the eyes of small impressionable children. Who should be staying far far away from arroyos not swinging to and fro like some goofy masked idiot!

J.J. Jameson states,
"You haven't heard that last of this Spiderpain, just you wait!!!"


I was riding my bike, on a bike trail that runs alongside an arroyo, on the other side of the arroyo I notice a blue and red spot. I think to myself.... is that Spiderman? I cross at a bridge so I can get a better look. Sure enough there is a Spiderman toy there. Not just haphazardly thrown but placed as if ready to swing into action!!
I have always loved comic books and so the comic book kid in me could not resist the photo opportunity. I turned some of the photos sideways and upsidedown to get that wall crawler feel to them. I like the way those photos feel. Not right and yet oh so right at the same time.
By the way in case you did not know "The Daily Bugle" always cast Spiderman in an negative light. So therefore my mock newspaper report was based on the newspaper in the Spiderman comics.

And that Folks is what my Project 52 #2 is about!

till next time...............

Friday, August 14, 2009

#1 of many! A salute.

I took this photo in Vero Beach, Florida. There is an island there called memorial island (please, correct me if I am wrong) and this huge flag was flapping gloriously in the breeze. You can not tell from the photo but this flag is so ginormous that it can be seen quite a way off. I have never considered myself a very patriotic individual, so honestly I can not say that this is a salute to my country. Perhaps in a way it is but...
Mostly though it is my way of saying I am here in the states again. I am "home" and for right now that is in the US. I am where I can go into a store and have millions upon millions of choices of just about anything to buy. I can walk around at night and be relatively safe. I can be surrounded by people almost constantly, I can snap my fingers and have any food that I desire... ok well maybe not quite snap my fingers but close!
This is a salute to how blessed I am to have a home where so many wonders abound.
It is also to say "no this is not my Honduras blog anymore." It is a goodbye to my time in Honduras and hello to a new chapter in my life. So if you are following this blog you will be taken on a journey of photos and my strange mind.
Welcome my friends to my project 52 where I am going to attempt to post a photo a week and struggle through a narrative of it. I am doing this with my friend Sarah Doty. She did a project 52 all last year and I was amazed and inspired by her. So check hers out as I do it along with her this year.
Leah Scott

Saturday, May 2, 2009


The closer it gets to leaving, the more and more I feel it in my heart. I love this place. I love the beauty and I love feeling almost like a cowgirl... I can romp and get dirty and make fires, I can pet horses, pick berries, retrieve coconuts, ride in the back of the truck all the time-feeling the wind in my face and smelling the smells around me, I can behold all there is to behold around me. I can see creatures on a regular basis, I can gaze out across the amazing Lago de Yajoa.
I know it is time to move on, but that doesn't mean it will be easy. I don't do well with goodbyes. But I am so grateful for the time I have had here and for the person I have become here. I know Honduras will aways have a place in my heart.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sunday School.

I figured I better post something to get the Easter Post past the first in the line up. Well let me think... I found a great sunday school craft online and I can't wait to try it out with the kids. Boy do I love these kids. The twins Micah and Zachary are so much fun. I love the way they see things and think about things, it is all in a very unique and special way. They do and say fun things that crack me up on a regular basis. One time a while back Eulogio shaved his face and one of the twins, I don't remember which one, told Eulogio "You look like the wrong Eulogio!" They say stuff like that all the time. They word things almost in a adult manner but not quite, I love it.
Our craft is a cardboard butterfly that you secure to a toilet paper tube you then double a string and string it into the tune. So you have pretty much two strings next to each other. You pull the strings apart to sent the butterfly to the other end where someone else is holding the other side of the strings and they send the butterfly zipping back! Since it is spring-esq I am going to doing a teaching on being a new creation in Christ, such as the butterfly. It seems like it is going to be fun.
On Easter Sunday we had a visiting group of little girls, that weekend we all dyed eggs 7 little girls and the twins I read about the resurrection of Jesus and how we change with Jesus in our live like the eggs change when we dye them . Now that was good times they loved it! Then we all went to Chris's house for an Easter picnic.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Resurrection Day everyone! Jesus came back and paid for it all!
I love you!
Do not forget HIS sacrifice!

Monday, April 6, 2009


So we are headed off to Comayagua a town here in Honduras. I went there last year with Ms. Bueso during this time of the year they use dyed sawdust to make large, intricate designs on the ground. At the end of the week Easter weekend the reenact the Passion and everyone walks through the "sawdust carpets". It ought to be a good time, get my mind off of here.
Will take pictures.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Where to start. There seems to be so much loss in this world today... I guess it has always been. But I know just recently looking to the skies means looking up at a dark gloomy sky. People we know and loved have moved on to be with the Lord. It weighs heavy on me saying goodbye for good, and saying goodbye for awhile, too many goodbyes.
Today a sweet friend Carissa, left Honduras to return to the United States because one of her dearest friends went home to be with the Lord this past week. I felt it with her, we here, our little family of missionaries felt it with her as well and now we feel the empty place she left in all our lives. I feel she did what she needed to do and I am happy for that, but my heart is missing her.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

hot, hot, hot

It is getting very hot here in the fine country of Honduras. We have been waiting and waiting for it to happen and yes the time has come. The time to sweat and yearn for the cold waters. I don't mind it not yet anyway.
I am in a stalemate as far as Sunday school goes, we do it out side in the incomplete Sunday school building and it can be a daunting task to plan a lesson with a craft. If you have any ideas let me know or if you know of any websites I can find good Sunday school games for small groups please send it to me. Please also pray for ideas designed to make the best of the situation.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Goodbye my faithful friend.

I have a bit of sad news.... my faithful companion and vigilant friend Muñeca died this morning. I guess it is not just a bit... I am pretty upset. It will be very hard for me to romp with out her by my side. Traipsing through the jungle will not be the same without her chasing squirrels sniffing around and rolling in stinky things. Walking felt so lonely today, I didn't want to look back because I knew that she wouldn't be there . She always seemed to understand all my words and even my thoughts at times. Every thing felt so much better with her near. I never had a dog that was so awesome, she was the opitamy of loyal dogginess. I even debated taking her back to the states with me when I go back. But alas I can not I can only cry and smile in sweet memory of one of the best friends I ever had.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

it has been too long my friends.

I realized that I have not updated in awhile. So now is the best time.
The weekend of Feb 20-23 a group of us lady teachers went to Copan where there are Mayan ruins. It was a great get away and a huge blessing.
Our dog here Muneca had puppies that same weekend (you can see many a-photo on the Rivers blog) the puppies are so cute they are tiny whimpering fat balls of adorableness.
In the next few weeks we will be having many visitors, which is going to be fun and I know a beautiful time of fellowship. Pray that God will guide all that happens during this time.
Pray also for peace, we have had some rough edges being scraped away recently so prayers in that area are coveted.
My heart goes out to family and friends of Trinnie I am praying for you all since I can't be there in person. My heart hurts for the huge loss we have come upon in the wake of Trinnie's promotion.
Life here has gotten way to busy. i guess that is what happens when more people are involved.
We had our first service in the New Building this Sunday morning! It still has dirt ground and the roof has some gaps and there are many unfinished places, but we did it! We has service there. Things are happening.
Please pray that in every area of my life the I would choose to worship and glorify the Lord. Pray that I would focus on the positive and not get sucked into the negative. thanks!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The status of my leg pit.

My leg is doing much better. Last week I got a tetanus shot and have been on antibiotics. I got plenty of stuff to clean it with and cream to rub on it. It is drying up nicely and closing. It consisted of about 5 different scrapes, one hole in the middle being the worst. That was the one causing all the problems and becoming a major adventure! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh the cleverness of me! or not....

Well I was on a walk yesterday and I was in an area of the finca that is fenced in by barbed wire. As I am walking home I end up missing the area where I go out. So very intelligently I decided to hop the barbed wire fence, I thought I had found a sturdy spot but apparently I did not. So on my way over the fence my barbed step broke causing me leg to be gouged on the barbs beneath. It was a good time and I showed Loke and Leah and cleaned it up with peroxide and I keep it pretty well neosporined. I think it is doing ok other than getting stuck to the bed when I sleep.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Click here to read about the little critter we saw tonight.

San Pedro Sula here I come or there I went?

Captains log stardate 01/10/09-
Went on a voyage to San Pedro Sula with out the help of a guide (namely Mrs. Veronica Bueso. Two friends (Megan Neal and Carissa Hanson) went with me and were a valued help in times of confusion. We made all bus connections with no issues, we bought groceries and were able to enjoy relaxing time in City Mall.
Megan was the assigned Linguist
Carissa was the talented Navigator
and I was the fearless leader.... ok well I did get the details of the journey from Mrs. Bueso and wrote 3 seperate directions for each of us.
Things to note-
We got lunch for "Platypus Lady" she is this homeless lady that hangs out in front of the mall, she has one huge dreadlock on the back of her head and she wears a black plastic garbage bag over her dirty brown pants. We talked to her and she made this strange little giggle with her toothless grin, we asked what she wanted and she said anything without mayonaise. She is pretty much my hero. As we went out to give her her lunch, she was crossing the street to go somewhere else and we had to chase her and flag her down to get the food to her. Sha said she was touched. That was the most exciting thing that happened this day. But that is good because we didn't want any major problems our first day alone in the city.
And tonight we saw a wierd little creature on a electrical wire. He had redish fur and it looked really soft, he had twitchy ears also a long naked tail. It was super cute and Chibi dubbed it Ferdenand. Ferdy for short I thought. God always has something to offer us here. Whether it be a Platypus Lady or a strange little critter. He has a way of opening our eyes and making Himself known!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yes folks it was another amazing day in Honduras. The sun was shining. the birds were making quite a racket and I was able to catch a few "Z's" on a somewhat deserted island. Ah a day to remember. My dog at my side and my adventuring vest on my back. Is there more than this?
Thank you God for another incredible day!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back in place.

I am home away from home! I am safe and I am sound.
And today here in Honduras it was glorious! From the very start of the beautiful new day it felt wonderful. The morning was crisp and cool and the day progressively warmed up, but not uncomfortably so. The sun shone brilliantly and the shade was refreshing. It was a great day for romping around which is exactly what some of us did. We ended our romping by watching the sun slip away behind some mountains, as we sat on a bridge and basked in the beauty of it all. Then to top it all off... we saw an otter by the lake. This was one of the most exciting moments in my Honduras history thus far. Then as night closed in, I walked home in the light of a bright half moon.
My kids are doing good and I am sure they are very happy that I am feeling better, I know I turned into quite the curmudgeon there for awhile. But now I feel so much better and have a lot more energy. Praise God!