Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year!

Vacation, vacation where for art thou vacation...
Yes folks it is slowly seeping through my fingers.
I had a wonderful Christmas filled with family and friends. I await the New year with anticipation for what God has planned for me and us all.
I have enjoyed visiting with many of you and the ones I haven't been able to, I am sorry but know that you are in my heart and mind regardless.
You have all been a blessing to me thank you so much for your love and prayers and hugs and hellos!
I love you!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

sick but better

I am home for the holidays. It is cold but enjoyable. It felt weird to fly into a white and very flat area.... my brain had a hard time comprehending it at first. I have been sick for the past about 5 weeks. It is difficult to get well in Honduras because perhaps the moisture in the air, the drastic changes in temperature and the fact that I have been having to walk a whole lot in the rain. Medicines are harder to come by, we can get them, but communicating exactly what the illness is and what we need can be difficult. Thus saying I had quite a fierce cold (that seems like an understatement) for about 5 weeks now. But since I have been back in the states I am getting better and it feels good!!! I was feeling so weak and awful. But praise God I think I am finally on the tail end of it!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here we go a-wassailing!

Last night we went caroling! Yeah I said it... caroling.
We went around Finca Las Glorias where all us North Americans live. The Finca Las Glorias would be best described as a ranch but made up of tropical rainforest. But if you explore down some roads and past much jungle you come upon Lake Yajoa as well as Hotel Las Glorias. At the end of one road closet to the lake live Gaspar and Gloria Pineda, the owners of the hotel they are like the King and Queen of the area. We began spreading our Christmas cheer here at their house. We started with Feliz Navidad and just sang up a storm. They invited us in and we finished inside, then as we left to continue our merry journey Don Gaspar and Donna Gloria joined us for some Christmas mirth. We continued up the road to Yadira and Leonardo's house (one of 5 of Gaspar and Gloria's adult children) We sang there and they brought out their twin baby girls (Elizabeth and Ingrid) to listen. Next stop was the house of  Gaspar Antonio and Denise (they have 4 children of their own with one more on the way) We sang there and in the peaceful midst of singing Silent night two of the local dogs got in a fight, right there in front of us as we were trying to have a tranquil moment. I was pretty entertained by it, the dog fight didn't last long, but it cut our peaceful moment short.
We headed to Gerardo and Pati's house next. They came out with their little one and enjoyed Los Gringos. 
Our last stop on the finca was the actual Hotel Las Glorias where we sang for a group of guests there.
At this point  the children (for we were accompanied by many of the Pineda children) headed up to Chris' house for Cocoa and cookies. And the young adults spurned on by Megan (a teacher at Lake Yajoa) went to carol at out 1st grade teachers house (off of the finca down the road a bit) Veronica Bueso, who I have mentioned before, she is a British woman who is married to a Honduran Man and has lived here for about 25 years. But being British she knows about caroling and appreciates it. So we went there with lit candles and warm hearts. We sang at the top of our voices to call her out and out she came! It was fun.
Then we headed back to the finca for some cocoa and cookies of our own, and a exciting fire work show provided by yours truly (fire works are set off at Christmas here until after the New Year so we are able to buy them right now). The kids loved the fire works and we loved lighting them. 
So what more could you ask for carols, cocoa, cookies and fire... works!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I celebrate the day.....

This is a Chirstmas song that has recently touched my heart. 

You may or may not give it a listen. 
But in the end it's all about Jesus!