Thursday, November 27, 2008


In all their glory! Presenting the chickens!... and catracho joe. The chickens names are as follows: the rooster is named Edward (courtesy of Chibi) the "tall" hen is name Jaquline (also Chibi) and the short legged hen is named Queja which means complaint in Spanish because she made a lot of chicken whiny noises. I named her queja. I can't tell which one is which in this pic... but you get the general idea of how glorious we have it.

the have their little legs leashed to sticks at this point to keep them nearby but we fashioned a pen for them out of this cement thing you see here.  

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Oh dear it is late but I feel (I almost just spelled feel as feal... moving on) I must really post.
Things I am thankful for:
1. clean laundry, especially but not limited to socks and pants.
2. fowl, of the chicken and rooster variety. Yes folks we have acquired 2 chickens and a rooster for egging.
3. friends and family
4. Internet
5. a sunshiny day that the kids got to run and play.
6. for our employers who might be from a whole different culture but cared enough to have us over for an American holiday feast tonight! they had mashed potatoes, salad (with feta a rarity in our small town) and some good big hunks o'chicken
7. for some of the first grade kids telling me "Happy Thanksgiving" 
I am missing home but feeling very very thankful for the people God has put in my life here in Honduras!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Parade

                                       My Class on this side--------------Chibi's class on this side

Oh yes I must mention how the parade went. I thought it went great, there was a tv crew (actually just a guy holding a tv camera) there and parents getting in the way... It was sunny and I had a lot of fun! The little town of Pena Blanca we live near has one main "intersection" this makes up the major area of Pena Blanca. Coming into Pena Blanca from the school (where we work) there is a two lane bridge we must cross over to get into "town". The entire school met a bit up from this bridge, we all stood around for about an hour until the hired high school marching band showed up. Hiring another's schools band is a regular occurrence here. They were a pretty good band and it was fun to have the musical accompaniment. So the kids did a smashing job just waiting for an hour to start the parade (disfile en Espanol). Then we started. Oh the excitment of the shouting of the crowds "Miss Scott Miss Scott!!" Ok not really but it was a neat experiance to be able to look to the sides of the street and see people watching, the whole little town we walk through to buy our groceries, our humble little Pena Blanca, all out and watching the gringo teachers marching! The main road in Pena Blanca is I would say maybe (don't quote me on this) about 5 city blocks long. We marched that main road way stopping at intervals and in all we were able to draw this out to about in hour. Our Prepa classes waved their little batons with "fake fire" on the ends and marched till the couldn't anymore. I think it all went really well. Unorganized as always but looking good in the end!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The middle of Nov already!?

I thought I was tired... but then one blog lead to another and hear I am. Going to try to fit a whole lot of something in to one little blog update.
Ok first on the agenda is to address the team that came from my home church. A team of 8 men came out here to Honduras this past week. They left Thursday and were here from last Thursday. They were mainly a construction team. They came out to help with the church building construction although for one reason or another they were not able to work on the actual church building but they were able to do a ton of work on the children's church building. I mean these guys worked dang hard. Not only that but it was great to see familiar faces and have some new laughs with old friends! 
It made me think of two disagreeing sayings, one is - "absence makes the heart grow fonder" and the other "out of sight out of mind". They are both addressing the same situation and yet they say two completely different things. Which category do you fit in? 
It is good to see others outside of this box called Honduras, to get others back in my mind and to make me realize I have people to be fond of!
Ok next item on the agenda.... oh yes Honduras.
I think that as a culture they work so hard on the way things "seem" on the outside but when it comes down to the little details that make things work, run smoothly, more organized they kinda throw it all to the curb. Every thing happens in the end but the getting there always seems like a bigger ordeal than need be. Now the question is- does the american-ness in me make the way they do things chafe or is they way they are doing things not all that effective in the scheme of things? I guess it doesn't matter because one way or another it comes down to denying how I believe things should be. And that is truly one of the huge lessons that we get slapped in the face throughout this thing called life.
God bringing things to reality in my brain as I write a blog. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

good CLEAN fun

Is it just me or is the time going by really fast? I remember last year it was dragging by or at least compared to now, it seemed like it was dragging by.
The rain has let up slightly so that is good, considering the mud was getting a bit wild!
Harvest/Halloween went by with nothing to really note... other than the fact that I made 3 paper plate masks and I dragged Loki and Chibi to Chris and Maria's to "trick or treat". I don't condone devil worship in any way shape or form but I do love a bit of silly fun. 
We got a small sized snickers bar out of the venture and that in and of itself was worth it. We took pictures, I will see what I can do about getting them posted.
The 4x4 rally finished off very rainy, very muddy and exciting. But we were in mud up to our shins in places it was crazy. 
Please pray- my new computer that I got by an amazing miracle of God is wigging out on me! I don't know if I have a tech-jinx or what but it has been doing the weirdest things and then sometimes it just works and then sometimes not at all. So please pray that is would just get well!! And that God would heal my tech-no jinx.
The parade is this friday, the kids are looking sharp!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Here in Pena Blanca they have a 4x4 rally every year. I know Chris has mentioned it and I am pretty sure I mentioned it last year. Well it was here this weekend. Today we went to the first set of competitions in the rally. The juniors and the stock cars. It was a lot of fun. But the real fun happens tomorrow (sunday) Sunday is the day all the bigger, very serious about it 4x4s compete. 
Today was great weather for it. It never came out and rained like it meant it, but it was slightly overcast the whole of the day. Mud was flying every which way, boots were being sucked down by the thick mud we had to slog through. The smaller lighter vehicles were the ones that in the end did better. Because the larger vehicles were heavier and would get trapped in the mud easier. 
I took a ton of pics. Some if interesting might get posted and if
In general I think a good time was had by all.