Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall has come to me at last!

These are my "gourdo-lanterns" they are pretty cute and they made my heart smile. I got some bigger gourds to carve for this friday our harvest party we are having with the other missionaries/ teachers.

It is really chilly here! I think even colder than last year! I wish I had my scarves to wear. Oh how I love scarves and sweatshirts. It may not be a ABQ fall but it certainly has a genuine fall feeling about it here right now.
I had a skirt that ripped and I cut it into a scarf hehe. 

Monday, October 27, 2008

The parade of hope and wonder

Okay I realized something... I only talked about our school parade in one of my newsletters and then assuming you would know about it here on blogger I mentioned it. My bad.
Well our school here in Hondura Lake Yajoa Bilingual School is having a parade on the 7th or 5th, I don't know if they have decided yet. Anyway we are having a parade to celebrate the one year anniversary of moving into the new building we are in now! We will be parading through the small town Pena Blanca. I am very excited about it and I will try to get pictures although I know this will be an amazingly crazy day.
I also carved little squash type gourd things this week. I have some great pictures of them! They made me super happy!
It is still raining here which mean flooding is not getting any better. 
It has gotten chilly here the fog was rolling through the school earlier today and my clothes got a 4th and 5th rinse cycle. Hey it was pretty sunny on Sunday.
We have had a number of alacran (scorpion) sightings about 4 in all. They are creepy! Ugh and our British friend Veronica says if they bite you they hurt really bad! 
Though I am curious about how bad..... but not at night in my bare feet or in my bed.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The flooding here in Honduras is huge! This past Monday on our way into San Pedro we passed this whole stretch of road where the houses were completely flooded! The people in these areas just pretty much set up camp on the side of the road waiting. In other areas such as Teguchigulpa the landslides have destroyed a lot of lives. Please pray for all these people in need at this time, please pray that we would find ways to help these people in the name of Jesus.
On a more personal note our househlod has began to watch intsects as a form of entertainment. Chibi, Loki and I were watching this big fat beetle struggle its way onto a windowsill. Loke and I watched a beetle once crawl his way up the wall and just the other night we watched a spider wrap up a flying insect of some sort. Who needs tv!¿! who needs cable!¿! who needs internet!¿!
The parade preparations are coming along fine. All the classes know what they are doing and the prepa (k.5 our classes) are marching with sticks and we are going to try to put yellow tissue at either end of the sticks to look like fire! Hooray for psuedo-fire!
Now I am trying to use up the remaining 15 minutes of my interent cafe-ness...
We went to another interent cafe before this and these little boys were staring at the 4 gringas on thier laptops. Well when the WiFi internet didn´t work there we proceeded to come to an internet cafe that doesn´t offer WiFi but does offer interent. So we all got on a computer one way or another. Well it looks like everyone else id wrapping up and heading out to leave me behind!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall tidings

oh in honor of fall I made a coco latern.... I carved a coco pod (what you get chocolate from) into a jack-o-lantern.  I have never seen a pumpkin here but coco pods are a healthy alternative. It is a bit small but it works. That huge flame in the background is a homemade candle that Loq made. Let me tell you that flame got huge, the candle was about the size of a ping-pong in diameter.  The coco-lantern has turned black and hard, it is very Tim Burton-esq.

don't worry if it doesn't make sense.

I was digging a hole, to put up a pole, for a clothesline earlier this day. As I put in the log my mind stared to bog because I just refilled the hole the same way. It boggled my mind that I worked up a sweat to put in a log then refill the same hole that digging a hole with a pole then filling the hole was a direct insult to my labor. But how else could I achieve this thing that I need with out undoing the work that I did. Really no way so I finished this day and then it started to rain.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

yum yum fish

This pic is for Lori it is of Loq descaling a fish and Chibi watching him. He looked like a true catracho (this is the Honduran word for Honduran people) so I had to included it!

the moments of smiling.

Included in this post but not limited to: 
2 pictures of the root of death.... with its purply veins of tingly ouch. I had eaten this particular root before in a stew so I have no idea why it caused such a reaction this past time of the afore mentioned blog.
Well here are pics before we cooked it and after.
Chibi Lea seem to be doing better but continue to pray for better and better health for her.
We had this past Friday off for day of the soldier. We also got paid on Thursday which is always exciting. So these past few days have been very good ones.
One of the parents sells fish so we were able to get some fish which we ate tonight (Saturday) in an orange/ginger/garlic glaze. It was really delicious.
 I have been enjoying continuing the relationships I made with people around this area, it is fun. Such as this next narrative:
One day I was moving rocks onto one of the roads we use often and had gotten quite muddy recently. Well as I was doing this one of the waitresses that we have gotten close to walks by sees what I am doing and starts helping! I tried to insist that she did not have to because she was just getting off work walking up the road for the bus. She said she had time and continued helping me collect rocks. I call her Sonrisa which means smile because she has a beautiful smile. It was such a sweet gesture. As she left that same day she said "Tomorrow I will do a little bit more." and sure enough she did!!! It really touched my heart. I hope that I will be able to return the favor and do something extra special for her one day. 
Also that same day I was chopping grass and two other of the workers at the hotel walking up the road stopped to wave at me. They were far off too, but they saw me and stood there waving until I turned around and waved back. Those moments make my heart smile!

the bits you see are the purple veins within. Oh that was a weird moment when we thought we were going to die.
Here it is cooked. We ate some raw and it was fine it didn't cause the reaction until after Loq fried it.... strange.