Monday, September 29, 2008

The past few days.

What happened today...
What happened this weekend..
We went into San Pedro this Saturday, they were having a parade for Day of the Bible there. Can you believe it they have a Day of the Bible here! 
In Pena Blanca on Sunday they had a get together in their little park for day of the Bible. We had church at the river house of Emely's. Loq led worship to the sound of rushing waters. 
Golden and the kids visited another church that they got invited to. It was with a group of missionary baptists in this area. Whom Chris and Loq happened to meet and get to know better today (Monday). That being said, I didn't do Sunday school on Sunday.
After church we watched and learned how to make a Honduran dish called papoosas. They are thick but small corn tortillas stuffed with cheese and pork rind bits. They were very good!
Today I must announce that Loq rode his bike from the school into Pena Blanca! He even had some workers we are familiar with hoot and holler at him. He and Chris went in to San Pedro Friday and that is when he picked the bike up. Which just goes to show that no we have not got a car to help in the transport issues. Please pray for a 4x4 vehicle for us it is something very much needed.
Then later on we cooked up this strange root that I have eaten before, Loq fried it and when we went to eat it... it made our tongues and mouths itch and tingle. Fortunately Leah hadn't eaten any yet.
So those were some adventures that we experienced today.
Continue to pray for Chibi-Lea's health (chibi means mini in Japan we have dubbed her that to alleviate some confusion in the likenesses of our names.)
But eventually the weirdness in our mouths wore off.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I miss fall.

Things are different. They always change and leave us wondering "What happened?I was just enjoying the way things were.."
I was preparing to teach Sunday school last sunday and I was going to teach the kids about serving others, but then God put it on my heart to teach about fear. I have had a lot of fear moving here, not in the place Honduras is, but in leaving all that I know and love behind. Anyway I know the kids have each one of their own fears and I know God wants them to know that they can face their fears holding onto Him. So I taught them about when Jesus was in the boat and he calmed the storms. The kids and I even made up a little a song about "Don't need to fear because Jesus is near!".
I am enjoying the kids in my class a lot. Praise God for that! 
Leah has been sick for awhile now so please pray for her. She seems to be enjoying teaching as well and the kids in her class love her so.
Thanks for reading! If you know of anyone who would be interested in reading also, feel free to pass this link onto them!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Leah and Loq on the bridge. Down by the hotel. Beautiful day in Honduras!

Monday, September 15, 2008

the differences in the same.

Things are going well here. The church buildings walls are going up. We can see it taking shape at every visit and it is exciting. It is different for me this time around because of all the new people to interact with. Last season I learned a lot about being content and being still. I learned about serving as well and finding peace in situations. I know there are new lessons to be learned this time around because it is different I am a bit nervous about what God has to teach me because as last year was not so easy i know this year will hit those point as well. But I can look back on all the hard times and see how it helped me to grow and i wouldn't have it any other way so all I can do is keep my heart right and know that God will be faithful. 
It is fun having others around that are experiencing everything here for the first time. Leah is amazed at the beauty and Carissa is having fun with all the creatures. Loq is finding himself more and more comfortable with a machete. It is really awesome to see where everyone is being placed by God.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dia del Los Ninos (remember last year)

Today was Dia del Los Ninos- Day of the child. We celebrate children. Pretty much we just let the kids run amok, but then we got them back together to eat, sing a song to them and do pinatas! It was a fun day. They truly know how to fiesta here! I had a Sponge Bob Pinata. 
Then Loq, Leah, Karissa and I went to Pulhapanzak a waterfall swimming hole nearby, for cooling off and enjoyment purposes. I think in general a good day was had by all. 
It was cool driving around you could feel the festivity in the air. Kids carrying pinatas and kids dressed up for dancing in their traditional garb. Which you don't really see the Honduras traditional dress much at all. 

Monday, September 8, 2008


I think along with your prayers my new computer is able to pick up wireless signal better, Praise God on both accounts! 
Well today we went to this ladies house that Berta is planning on fixing up. This lady is real poor has 4 kids but is fighting to send them to school, the type of person you want to help. Berta with our help wants to repaint and help with some furniture in the house. So Friday after school we are going to help do some of that stuff. I took pictures so I will try to put some on here. They don't even have a real bathroom it is just a lean to like hut out back with a weird little toilet. They have a pile of burt trash in the front and in reality this is how most of the people live here. Well most don't even have a cement house like this one is. Granted this one is still needing a lot of help!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Here is Chris teaching. Sitting closest to me is Angel David Emely's son and Emely is the woman next to him and next to Maria. Chris is in the red and Meghan is wearing the orange shirt. The man you see in the back is Golden's father, her parents came to help with the trip and settling in for the first week or so.

This is our first service from last week, this is with everyone there. Things are happening! That is Michael and Golden doing worship. We meet in Emely's house. Emely is a fellow teacher and good friend of ours and a local!

I think you are praying for our internet because right now I am actually able to get a pretty good signal in my room! Before this that was not possible. Hooray!
Today at church I taught our first sunday school class for Michael and Golden's kids their names are - Micah and Zachary they are six years old and twins, Avalon she is probably eight years maybe nine. I had fun and I think they did also. They have a toddler Jaden but Michael and Golden hold him while Chris does the teaching.
Michael and Golden are from California they now lead worship for our tender little church gatherings. It has been nice to partake of communal worship. 
I am enjoying having all the company around me that I do. Loq and Leah have been a huge blessing in their mere being here. I am getting to know the 2 new teachers (Karissa and Meghan) also and they are a lot of fun. The whole clan of us went to San Pedro Sula yesterday (Saturday). For general shopping and some fun. Time goes by fast when you have a family of 5 and 6 other people to get shopping done for. I think a great time was had by all nonetheless.
The church building is still in construction but it is going up. I still haven't seen it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A time for everything...

Things are going well. Don't have much time at the internet cafe. Started the new school year, loving it. Needing patience!
I hope I will be able to post a longer entry later!
Thanks for your reading!