Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is my dog in Honduras and the dark spotted puppy is my puppy... I think I am going to name him Frijole. Aren't they the sweetest most adorable, cutest!!!

Missing out

I have been having a wonderful time here in Albuquerque. I am able to enjoy many things that I had taken for granted before I went to Honduras. Such as but not limited to:
1. I can drink the tap water here!
2. I can go out at night and feel relatively safe.
3. I can ride my bike all over the place.
4. I can choose any type of food I want to eat.
5. If I need something I just go to the store and get it. I don't have to wait to go into San Pedro Sula every other weekend.
Those are some of the big things.
One night I was walking around an outdoor shopping mall called Uptown and seriously I started crying it just overwhelmed me that I could be walking around stores at night. Can you believe that I started to cry. I told my mom with tears in my eyes "people here are so lucky and I bet they don't realize it or even stop to think about it." I am not saying I am better than any one I am saying that this is what I notice what is going on in my heart.
It is such an interesting trade off. I love the peace of Honduras but if there was a superstore on every corner that would go away.
These things are just things I didn't realize I had until I didn't have them. Isn't that just the way it goes though?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

a story.

So I met with some friends today for lunch super tasty Japanese food! I had a most blessed and excellent time!
Well as I was telling them some stories of my traversing, I realized I forgot to put a good story (or wait did I forget...) if I am repeating myself sorry.
On my way back from Honduras this time, the airline guy checked me in as "Melissa or Michelle Scott" I did not notice this until I was near security paying my leaving the country fee. I had already waited in line to check in for about an hour or longer. So in the whole process of getting out of the country I was a little more than half way there. I knew I would never make it to the plane if I turned back now so I opted to just keep going with the name "M.Scott" I went through a number of different check points and not one noticed that my passport did not match my ticket. Good thing? maybe.
I get on the plane in the nick of time....
and I sit
and sit
and finally after about an hour I hear "Will M. Scott come up to the front." My cheeks burn and I am thinking oh no this is my fault... so I get up and show them what happened, they take my passport and ticket and of course they find me because this is the flight I am supposed to be on. (Oh by the way I got to see the real M.Scott. a rather strong looking African American woman with a little boy) So they bring my stuff back and tell me their sorry. Good not my fault!
and then we sit.
and sit.
I miss my flight in Miami. I go to the counter of the airline I missed the flight of and see what I can do to get home. Well of course nothing is available that night so despite not wanting to spend another night in a drafty, noisy, airport that is exactly what happens. I book a flight for the next morning and give the guy my card to pay for the fees and my card gets declined... its like all those credit card commercials coming to life... he ask me "Do you have another card?" I am thinking up plans HOW AM I GOING TO GET HOME! I tell him "No, I don't have another card" And yes I couldn't help it I really was dejected. I guess he knew I had hit the very bottom. Because the next thing I know he is clicking his computer and saying "I am not supposed to be doing this.." and gets me on the flight sans the fees!!!! Oh Praise the Lord!!! I tell him "Bless you sir!"
He replies "I hope I live to see it...God bless you too."
That is my story, and I am leaving out the part where a guy from Tahiti tried to pick up on me, that was not all that exciting.
But wasn't that very cool story. I had to put it here.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

2 homes.

Well it is certainly set that I am going to be doing another year in Honduras. Very bittersweet. I am In Albuquerque home as opposed to Honduras home, right now. I have been having a busy and most excellent time. If you have not heard from me... I reiterate busy. And also my phone service has been cut off and my drivers license expired. These two things hinder my comings and goings. I am working on on rectifying the situation as soon as possible. Until then I am peacefully enjoying the dry air and fun.
It is weird to feel like I have two homes but that is exactly how it is, I miss Honduras but I am overjoyed to be with most of the people I love so dearly.
I am excited to go back because it looks like this coming year is going to be filled with a lot of new huge things and some more challenges.
Calvary Chapel Lake Yajoa looks like it will be starting up and taking off WOW! That is so amazing. I can not wait to see what God does with all of it. New people coming to help, land, a building. His hand is in it!
You know I kinda thought and this is silly.. but I thought I would feel different inside as a missionary but I am the same old me... if not worse haha. There are so many things I thought would be different. I knew it would never be what I thought I just didn't think it would be what is has been. I guess I expected like burning bushes and such, I expected to be "healed" of my flesh. I don't know why I thought such things, I did though. Well maybe, just maybe, pride.... like being a missionary would elevate me to a higher spiritual level. Bad Leah bad.
I have learned a lot. I have learned to be more at peace with who God has made me. I have learned lots, tons, bunches of patience, I have more confidence in myself... don't let that throw you I know it is not about me. I can just walk down the street knowing HE has got my back.
I have learned an awful lot about sitting still, being alone, "stopping to smell the roses". Good things that are like more bricks adding to the foundation within.
I have had such a struggle with internet! It has been so hard to keep you readers informed, but it is not an easy thing to get on internet I don't have or that doesn't work! I know it is important to you to know what is going on in my life. There is only so much I can do, just please pray that I can get internet that is semi okay in my house!
Please feel free to pass on the information to my blog to any one who doesn't have it!
I am in ABQ until August 25 then I head back to my other home. The new school year is supposed to start on September 1st, so if you have those things on your heart please pray!
Praise report! I got a really good camera, my Tata spoiled me and got it for me! So I am going to take excellent pictures of all sorts of things and post A LOT of pictures. For those of you who want pictures of "everything" hehe. Oh yeah internet allowing of course.