Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kid Pic.

Here is my class only one was missing this day. These kids rock! Ignore the date it is very wrong.

not the internet!

First off I'd like to give props to Mark for not having internet at his house. Because he doesn't want to waste his life on the computer!! I have really enjoyed these past few months with out it, it is like a ball and chain, but alas it looks like I have quickly become drawn into the .com world. See it is only 10:00 and I am on... 
Second I'd like to tell you I saw our neighbor the toucan this morning looking bright and sassy! 
Ok got go meet some kids! Bye!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here I am again sitting on my front step, looking out at the Lake Yajoa. The Clouds are low and thick, the sky is dark and promising a grand storm later on. Going to be a nice night!
 Have I mentioned how incredibly beautiful this country is, when ever I look around my breath catches in my throat. I am blessed truly.
The education system here is crazy, the love paperwork. I suppose that is because they really don't have much in the way of computer systems. Today Maria spent most of the day writing and rewriting these tedious forms. If she got one little thing on it wrong she would have to do it all over NO white out allowed! 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade had to do it. She was doing it for Chris because Chris was out doing stuff with a donated van and our passports.
We were at the school untill 5:30 that is late. 
Gotta go the sky just instantly turned black.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Like newly fallen snow.

Highlight of my day: I got to pet two brand new baby cows... calfs. Chris saw them in the 4X4 field next to the school. They were laying down together all cute and cuddly. He pointed them out to me and like a flash I was under two barbed wire fences and patting the little fellows on their little heads. Sadly I did not have my camera or I would be putting pics up for you this instant. They were both white but had light brown spots on the tops of their heads. almost like patches of hair. One was a bit smaller than the other. They were so soft and clean. I know this may sound weird but I wish I had seen their birth. 
I picked up a toad, the other teachers hate when I do. Toads do pee on you but I do not have warts and I have picked up many a toad. It was a big one, and as I continued to hold it, it would puff up with air in an attempt to intimidate me. Well obviously I am on to these little scemes of the toad world. So instead of dropping him in fear (or if I was a predator trying to eat it I would spit him out but of course I was not) I preceded to make him do the little fat toad dance. Which really just involves making his legs swing back and forth and humming a unknown ditty. I had to be dancing with him as well but that is besides the point.
That is all I have to report up to this point. Thanks :)

Monday, June 23, 2008


ok friends what would you like to see pictures of now that I can post them!? I know how about creepy critters! 
It seems I can only do one pic at a time so here is a pic of me and the little little snake we had awhile back. A boy in my class named him Harry.

A picture test.

This is little Eugenia playing futbol she was the only girl and hadn't even practiced with the boys and yet she still got out there and gave it her all, we could learn something from that....

It has been too long my friends!

Hello and hello from me your long time no see Leah. Well things are going good here in Honduras. The team from my home church Calvary east with the Jesus Film crew, Zemer Lavav and Michael and Golden came out just last week and a wonderful time was had by all...(I hope and I think so) things were not as expected but when are they ever? I had a great time with all of them it was a huge blessing for me! We got to go to many churches with the music and bless them and be blessed, we got to meet tons of people, pray with them and get to know them. I was so proud of the team they really were awesome and the young people that came were amazing they were just out there playing and enjoying the children all around!
But during that time God really spoke to my heart about how lucky and how blessed I have been here, so that was really awesome.
The other day something quite interesting happened..... it hit me, like truly hit me in the brain that I had to stay. Now ever since I decided to go home for at least a year I was good with that, yet I would look up in the trees, find cool new beetles, laugh with the kids, eat a different fruit, hold one of the many babies around here, see something breath taking and I would just know that I would miss all of these thing deeply.... but I was still set on going back to NM. One day like I said though it hit me that I had to stay. I was looking forward to going home to be with my loved ones and gourmet sandwiches and the "get it how you like it" living, hey I would not be American if I did not look forward to such things. So my heart is sad a bit but I know that I am good with the decision to stay for at least one more year...... and who knows what will change next.
Things are looking really good for a Calvary Chapel here. Chris and Maria had land donated to them and all the things needed are falling in to place!
I have not a monkey, but the dog that hangs out with our watchy is going to have puppies!!! Sadly though we will be in the states at the time they are to be birthed. I get to keep one, seeing as how I will be here for a little while longer. No I did not decide to stay based on the puppies.
It is funny Chris set up wireless internet in his house which is about ten steps away from the house I am in, but the only way I can get the wifi, is by sitting on my front step. So I am sitting out here listening to the sounds of the birds, some that sound like our resident toucans. Good times.
Well since I am staying I am praying for a vehicle of my own so the work on Chris' will not be so tremendous and also I can do a bit more exploring. Exploring is recommended for a healthy living.
I will continue working at Lake Yajoa Bilingual School as the preparatory teacher. So we will see what things the Lord will do with and within me and around me this coming school year!!!! Huzzah!