Sunday, April 13, 2008

fruits galore. bastantes frutas.

Hello all!
We have a three day weekend! Hooray! I am not exactly sure why we have Monday off.... something like dia de Americas.... I do not know. It said on a note we sent home, but I can only understand so much in Spanish. I must say that that has been a hard thing for me, not being able to understand all the time what is going on at the school, such as special events, or new things happening. Another thing that has been hard is not being able to communicate with parents. I would like to tell them things that I can not, or things that I need. It really handicaps things, but on the other hand, the kids have learned English really well due to instant immersion a la scott. Things get done regardless and God always fills in the gaps. It is just one of the frustrations.
I went to San Pedro Sula yesterday with Veronica Buezo and guess what...? I got to have SUSHI! We went to a sushi restaurant called Sushi Itto. Ah glorious sushi and tasty Japanese food.
I love going into the city with Mrs. Buezo, because we get to ride public transport, and once we get there we walk everywhere. It is just a neat experience to be able to do it that way. Plus Veronica has done so much in her life I just love picking her brain! She tells me all sorts of stories of when she was working with save the children. Like once they had a beach cabana... like right on the beach NICE! She tells me about weird parasites, and people she has met, I love to hear about it.
I have been thinking about a monkey... and thinking that it would probably not be such a good idea to have one. So.....
I have found so many different fruit here that I just love. The most recent one that I really like is called CEE -DWEL-ES they are about the size of strawberries, the good ones are green in color, but when they get over ripe they turn orange/red. They have a tart flavor with a slight hint of green apple flavor. I bought a bagful this weekend. They eat most of the fruit here with salt, and I love it. They eat mangoes green with salt they eat them orange with salt. Tasty tasty!
But I have been eating a lot of mangoes and my mouth and chin have started itching, I do not know if it has to do with the mangoes but it started to happen after I ate this big mango with a strange flavor.
I have had run ins with many scorpions (never stung) from really small ones to slightly bigger ones. If they are in my dwelling place they go to see their maker. I have had a few wakeful nights imagining scorpions crawling onto my head. I am not scared of them, I just do not like the thought of them stinging me in my sleepy innocence.I have heard it is quite painful to be stung by one, but part of me is a bit curious as to what it feels like.
Pray for Chris he was chopping down banana trees and really hurt his back, so please keep him in prayer.
We have been meeting for church services at Emely's house (one of the other teachers from Hounduras). It has been cool.
I keep thinking of things to write, so I am kinda jumping from subject to subject. So the latest thing I have to tell you is tonight we had an avacado but it was a anise avacado and it had a distinct anise flavor to it!
That was the last thing. Farewell.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Platypus Lady I love you!

I have never itched so much in my entire life! Most of the time I don't even know why!
well I was trying to put pics up from Chris and Marias computer but I wasn't ablt to find the ones I wanted... sigh.
All is well.
It is getting hotter and hotter as the days move on.
I have not got a monkey and that is ok.
I got some good pictures in San Pedro today, of this street lady that has one huge dread lock on the back of her head. We got her some food, and I took some pictures... but alas I couldn't find them. I like her she is interesting I wish that I knew more about her. She is lovingly called "Platypus Lady" because her dread-lock looks like a platypus tail. Mind you, not everyone calls her that..actually the only person that called her that was Kandace Herring (the youngest of the *Herring clan) but I thought it was fitting. I also think that platypi are the coolest animals so I am happy with the name for my little street friend.
*Herring-mentioned in previous blog.
thanks for reading!
oh and I am so happy to hear that more and more of you are reading here thank you so much that fills my heart with tremendous warm fuzzies!!!!
In Jesus
Leah Collect (not really it is Collete) Scott
but I under certain circumstances like collect.