Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good times!

Ah, what a great break! It was very tranquilo and not even boring.
On breaks I tend to go crazy with too much time on my hands, but we visited friends at the very beginning. It was a teacher lunch. I have to go into some history here. Two of our teachers the computer/Spanish teacher Miss Emily and the Directora Mrs. Magdelena they are sisters. We went to family land of thiers, right next to the river. They had family thier also, you can rarely have a get together here without having family and friends there. I love that about this culture! So we had a bar-b-que. I took pictures, yet I often use Chris and Maria's computer for internet so the pics are not here. I met a parrot named Rosita there. Birds are so cool. I also met a 8 day old little white calf. It was so pure white, I couldn't believe how white and clean it looked.
Then we went to a little place up river and Mrs. Buezo and I put our feet in. (By the way Mrs. Bueso's first name is Veronica). I hung from a tree branch above the water. Ate this very tasty fruits called rose apples. They were the shape of pears but a bit smaller, and they really did have a rose flavor. They reminded me more of pears than apples though. Good friends, good times and good fun! Then I was able to do a few worship songs on the guitar and Chris did a bible teaching, for the teachers. It was plam sunday now that I am thinking back on the time frame of things. It was nice.
Then on monday we went in to San Pedro Sula to clear up stuff at the consulate. After that we met up with the Family v(from the states) that has the christian park I told you about. I can not recall thier last names right now. But I can remember all the first names. Randy, Kandy, Kelly, Kaleb and Kandace. They live in San Pedro. and Maria just informed me that thier last name is Herring. We spent the night in San Pedro Sula with them and that was really fun. I was able to play Nintendo Wii with Kaleb and Kandace watch movies and just hang out with people I could actually talk to! Kelly is in the states attending college. They were very hospitable and we had a great time with them.
Well in San Pedro I completed my plan for Semana Santa... I bought a little blow up pool! If I couldn't go to the beach I brought the beach to me! I took pictures and again I can't show you. I am sorry. My pool is mostly light aqua blue, with fish decorating the outside. I can lay down fully in it lengthwise. I got to enjoy it for one hot afternoon and then it started raining for the next few days! But I am not complaining I love the rain! It is so beautiful here when it rains.
From there on, Semana Santa was just really laid back and enjoyable.
We recently have got names and numbers for local pastors that are going to help with the Jesus Fest. So we are breaking through walls to further contacts here and that is really awesome!
We didn't have any drama meetings due to Semana Santa.
Lake Yahoa Bilingual School is doing well. But the administration is on the look out for more teachers, they need about four for the start of next year. So if you think to that pray the God will direct the right teachers who love Jesus to this area. I continue to absolutley love my kids, they bring a smile to my face all the time! Their grasp of english is amazing me, even the newer ones are picking it up.
And amazing enough I understand spanish so much more than ever, Praise God! It is fun for me!
One more thought before I scurry off, one day in the resturant here on the finca, we were just sitting around there enjoying oursleves, talking and such. One of the cleaning ladies that we have got to know and befriended was sweeping around as. We talk to her and joke with her so we are in friendly terms with her. Well she set her broom down next to us and went to the bathroom. We decided to twist the broom head off her broom and hide it. Okay mostly I did it... one of the young waiters that is friends with her saw and was laughing. Well she came back and looked at her broom in suprise, she was holding it bottom end up and looking around. I felt bad so gave it back. She laughed.
These are things I feel show people that we aren't here as snotty americans. That we do want to have fun with them, we do want to be friends and get to know them.
Thanks for reading!
Praise Report!
Things are going well here and more and more doors are being opened!
Prayer requests-
for transportation for the Jesus Fest, getting people to and from it. This is a big thing, we want people to come who otherwise won't be able to, so they can hear about Jesus!
So I could possibly get a monkey.....for the time I am here. A little one. A bit far fetched but it would be awesome all the same.
For where I am to be in the future as far as work, school etc etc and clarity with that because I can tend to be dense.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks for your love and your prayers and support!
In Jesus,

oh yeah "new words"
WAKA-LA means disgusting
CULEECHEE means intestinal worms

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Words and Semana Santa

Well we have a week off for Holy week (Semana Santa) and sadly I will not be going to the beach... well not too sadly, the word is that EVERYONE and their mami go to the beach during Semana Santa. I have found alternative ways to enjoy my Semana Santa break....more on that in a future post.
Boy did we need the break, the kids started getting very crazy this last week, you know how it is with kids, they feel the vacation coming on ,like and old person feels a storm.
One interesting thing Chris, Maria and I noticed was the kids will come in after recess after running around in the hot hot sun, dripping with sweat. They then give us a huge hug... and we think it is mostly to wipe the sweat off on our shirts. Don't get us wrong they are hugging us to love us, but it seems like more than that. It is entertaining.
We had another mime outreach this past Friday at Carnaveral High school. They were a rough crowd. I pulled fruit out of many ears and most of them did not seem to enjoy it. Okay not real fruit just mime fruit. I thought I should clear that up just in case you were wondering.
It is awesome that we have this opportunity to outreach, it is hard though because many of these young ones have heard the gospel. It is just a matter of making it more serious in their hearts, more personal. I guess isn't that what is always is...
Calvary Chapel East (our home church) is planning a Jesus Fest out here in June, we are already trying to get things going for that and it is exciting to see things being lined up and working out! Praise God!
No snakes this week.
We had our first field trip to a christian Park. This huge beautiful plot of land that the kids ran around and played in, with a fresh little stream running through it. It was awesome, the guy who owns the land is a christian and he had a group of young adults there that played and talked with the kids. They kids enjoyed it! The group did a few dramas for us. Good times.
That is the end of my rerport.
Over and out in the name of the Lord.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

big snakes and my new hobbie

I saw another snake this week.... I went on a walk on a part of the finca that is probably not traversed very often and I climbed over this large mound of dirt and sticks. Well on the other side of it I was exploring and I looked a bit ahead of me and I saw this huge snake body, about the thickness of a soft ball! I was in shock then I poked it and instead of very timidly slinking off into the jungle... it turned around and stared at me. I had an inner struggle at this point: "catch it!"
"What are you crazy!?"
"but.... I really want to say that I caught it.."
"oh and then that it bit you...?"
"yeah... I am not so sure about if it bites me, but I really want to get it. Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin catch them."
"Yeah Steve Irwin is no longer with us and the Jeff Corwin has gone to school for snake-stuff..."
"oh alright I won't catch it."
So at the point I came around the other side of the mound to poke it from another side.... and it stared at me again and this time I got the subtle hint that I looked like an open buffet, I decided to leave right then and continue my walk.
So there was that.
It was my birthday this past week and that was pretty fun, the kids in my class dedicated like a whole five minutes of singing happy birthday to me that was fun. I got a few gifts from them cute things. One little girl had me close my eyes and she lead me into the classroom and then when I opened my eyes she said "ta-da!" and there was a bear coin bank on my desk! Pretty darn cute huh.
I also love the old people here I wish I could do more for them. When ever I see them I do give them money. Old people melt my heart. They are so sweet here, dark skin, lots of wrinkles the kind that make old people have squinty eyes and usually they have white hair. I love them. You know they have had a hard life here and that is another reason I give them money, more than likely they really need it.
Oh and my newest hobbie.... hacking stuff with my machete. It is a small machete but it is good.
Looking forward to what the Lord has for me in Marzo/March.
Please pray for what I am to do next thanks!
Prasie report-we have a PE coach at the school and he is really good! He is a former Soccer player for a team called Real Espana. It is awesome!