Friday, February 22, 2008

Snake or snack.

Yeah! Internet! Ok I think I will be able to update here once a week. But no promises.
Well I have been praying... and I feel like I am to leave Honduras. So at the end of this school year I am going to head home for... only God knows what is next. I have been praying about a few different options. You ask why? Why am I leaving? Circumstances are how shall I say it... not conducive right now. 
I like it here a lot and I love the kids so much! It is "Things". You know when you say "things" it is because you don't really have the words to explain the things in your heart. 
Well Thursday I caught a baby snake! My first, it was small and brown with lighter brown stripes. And even cooler yet... it bit me! That was awesome. It didn't have fangs at all it just liked pinched me when it bit. It got stuck to a piece of tape on my classroom floor. I saw it in the morning.  One of my students (Gerarda) and I, were the only ones there. I saw it and thought it was a toy, but on closer inspection it wasn't.  I told Gerarda to back up and then I just got it in me to catch it. I knew it was not a yellow beard(very dangerous) or a coral snake (extremely dangerous) so I thought why not, I can get it. So I grabbed that place at the back of its neck but I could not get a good grip and that is when it bit me. After that I caught it. It was fun. The directora said "Only Lia (that is how they spell my name here) catches these little animals." It caused a stir in the school for the day. I didn't name it. But one of my little boys named Angel took it home. Good times. The adults are not to into catching critters here. It is considered Que Rado (HOW WEIRD). That is my story for the week.  I would hold it through out the day and it bit me a couple more times. Angel said it was a python he said he had one already and that is why I gave it to him. 
My kids liked it. When he said python in spanish it sounds like pee-ton. 
Chris and I did a mime outreach today after school, that was fun. We went to a high school called Canada with a church group. The mime we had time to do was can you guess.... DO NOT TOUCH. 
 There were these little street girls there and they just latched onto me they were cute. They were singing the worship songs and talking to me and holding my hands. Little sweeties!
We might go to the beach next weekend!! The whole 6 teachers from the school might, I hope it works out that we do! Mrs Buezo (the British lady) is going and she invited us all. Alright! 
28 on the 27th. 

Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh my goodness I am so grateful to have internet! It is amazing to have it now! God continues to be with me and pull me through the rocky spots. 
This is am older post from last month but here it is!
My dear  friends in the Lord Jesus Christ!
Grace and peace to you from this slow paced Latino culture.
I write this with faith that you may be able to read it one day!
I was able to go back to Albuquerque for Christmas and that was a huge blessing! I had a wonderful time, one of the best holidays ever. Being away made the time that much more sweet!
It went by too fast though I did not have enough time to be with all the people I wanted to.
Now I am back to the school year and am up to 23 student!!!
My ministry remains mostly with my students which is what I really love and what God had called me to. It is fun to compare my total desperation at out lack of  communication and their total lack of understanding to where we are now. Pray for me with this amount of students it is a new thing and I can get pretty overwhelmed. They do not know any english so that makes it that much harder. But the kids that I have has since the start understand really well, it is so awesome to be able to say "Jesus is the most important!" and have them understand! The kids are so much fun, I think that because this culture is so much about relationship that the kids treat me more like family. I connect with them on a different level, it is a lot of fun.
My spanish you ask... well I can follow most conversations and I speak in small sentences and one words, enough to get my point across. I still lack the fine tuning that I need to be confident enough to hold any sort of meaniful conversations. Needless to say I get lonely.
God has been faithful(of course) in that department as well. One of the other teachers at the school is this older British Lady that is married to a Honduran. She has lived here for something like 25 years. She has been all over the world, working with malnourished children. We have hit it off from the start and she has taken me to San Pedro Sula and she enjoys traveling (she calls it itchy feet)
Our most recent adventure was to a city (formerly the capitol city) named Comayagua (not sure on the spelling). It is a very slow paced little city and very historical. With old buildings and brick paved streets. Nothing like San Pedro Sula which is fast paced and crazy.
We went to a museum there and visited her in-laws.
But the most exciting and frustrating part was riding the public transport back. I had the opportunity to stand the whole way back (about 2 hours) due to lack of seats and by the time we had to get off, the front of the bus was packed out. I had to force my body into spaces between other people that I never thought I would get out of! I would look up to the front of the bus to see how far I had to go and get a face full of angry Latin Americans with their eyes saying "don't even think about it!!" I had to though, I had to get off. Pure madness but not altogether unpleasant.
I have hit times here where things drive me insane but God is always good and He continues to be my support and hold me. I get lonely and stir crazy but again God is there to see me through to the other side and hopefully I will come out better because of it.
Prayer Requests for me please:
open doors for ministry
peace, patience and contentment
the impact of Jesus on this small community
for the future of me
Thanks for all your love, support and prayers!
Only in the sweet name of Jesus,

Hooray I am here!!! Internet a blessing!!