Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year!

Vacation, vacation where for art thou vacation...
Yes folks it is slowly seeping through my fingers.
I had a wonderful Christmas filled with family and friends. I await the New year with anticipation for what God has planned for me and us all.
I have enjoyed visiting with many of you and the ones I haven't been able to, I am sorry but know that you are in my heart and mind regardless.
You have all been a blessing to me thank you so much for your love and prayers and hugs and hellos!
I love you!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

sick but better

I am home for the holidays. It is cold but enjoyable. It felt weird to fly into a white and very flat area.... my brain had a hard time comprehending it at first. I have been sick for the past about 5 weeks. It is difficult to get well in Honduras because perhaps the moisture in the air, the drastic changes in temperature and the fact that I have been having to walk a whole lot in the rain. Medicines are harder to come by, we can get them, but communicating exactly what the illness is and what we need can be difficult. Thus saying I had quite a fierce cold (that seems like an understatement) for about 5 weeks now. But since I have been back in the states I am getting better and it feels good!!! I was feeling so weak and awful. But praise God I think I am finally on the tail end of it!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here we go a-wassailing!

Last night we went caroling! Yeah I said it... caroling.
We went around Finca Las Glorias where all us North Americans live. The Finca Las Glorias would be best described as a ranch but made up of tropical rainforest. But if you explore down some roads and past much jungle you come upon Lake Yajoa as well as Hotel Las Glorias. At the end of one road closet to the lake live Gaspar and Gloria Pineda, the owners of the hotel they are like the King and Queen of the area. We began spreading our Christmas cheer here at their house. We started with Feliz Navidad and just sang up a storm. They invited us in and we finished inside, then as we left to continue our merry journey Don Gaspar and Donna Gloria joined us for some Christmas mirth. We continued up the road to Yadira and Leonardo's house (one of 5 of Gaspar and Gloria's adult children) We sang there and they brought out their twin baby girls (Elizabeth and Ingrid) to listen. Next stop was the house of  Gaspar Antonio and Denise (they have 4 children of their own with one more on the way) We sang there and in the peaceful midst of singing Silent night two of the local dogs got in a fight, right there in front of us as we were trying to have a tranquil moment. I was pretty entertained by it, the dog fight didn't last long, but it cut our peaceful moment short.
We headed to Gerardo and Pati's house next. They came out with their little one and enjoyed Los Gringos. 
Our last stop on the finca was the actual Hotel Las Glorias where we sang for a group of guests there.
At this point  the children (for we were accompanied by many of the Pineda children) headed up to Chris' house for Cocoa and cookies. And the young adults spurned on by Megan (a teacher at Lake Yajoa) went to carol at out 1st grade teachers house (off of the finca down the road a bit) Veronica Bueso, who I have mentioned before, she is a British woman who is married to a Honduran Man and has lived here for about 25 years. But being British she knows about caroling and appreciates it. So we went there with lit candles and warm hearts. We sang at the top of our voices to call her out and out she came! It was fun.
Then we headed back to the finca for some cocoa and cookies of our own, and a exciting fire work show provided by yours truly (fire works are set off at Christmas here until after the New Year so we are able to buy them right now). The kids loved the fire works and we loved lighting them. 
So what more could you ask for carols, cocoa, cookies and fire... works!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I celebrate the day.....

This is a Chirstmas song that has recently touched my heart. 

You may or may not give it a listen. 
But in the end it's all about Jesus!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


In all their glory! Presenting the chickens!... and catracho joe. The chickens names are as follows: the rooster is named Edward (courtesy of Chibi) the "tall" hen is name Jaquline (also Chibi) and the short legged hen is named Queja which means complaint in Spanish because she made a lot of chicken whiny noises. I named her queja. I can't tell which one is which in this pic... but you get the general idea of how glorious we have it.

the have their little legs leashed to sticks at this point to keep them nearby but we fashioned a pen for them out of this cement thing you see here.  

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Oh dear it is late but I feel (I almost just spelled feel as feal... moving on) I must really post.
Things I am thankful for:
1. clean laundry, especially but not limited to socks and pants.
2. fowl, of the chicken and rooster variety. Yes folks we have acquired 2 chickens and a rooster for egging.
3. friends and family
4. Internet
5. a sunshiny day that the kids got to run and play.
6. for our employers who might be from a whole different culture but cared enough to have us over for an American holiday feast tonight! they had mashed potatoes, salad (with feta a rarity in our small town) and some good big hunks o'chicken
7. for some of the first grade kids telling me "Happy Thanksgiving" 
I am missing home but feeling very very thankful for the people God has put in my life here in Honduras!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Parade

                                       My Class on this side--------------Chibi's class on this side

Oh yes I must mention how the parade went. I thought it went great, there was a tv crew (actually just a guy holding a tv camera) there and parents getting in the way... It was sunny and I had a lot of fun! The little town of Pena Blanca we live near has one main "intersection" this makes up the major area of Pena Blanca. Coming into Pena Blanca from the school (where we work) there is a two lane bridge we must cross over to get into "town". The entire school met a bit up from this bridge, we all stood around for about an hour until the hired high school marching band showed up. Hiring another's schools band is a regular occurrence here. They were a pretty good band and it was fun to have the musical accompaniment. So the kids did a smashing job just waiting for an hour to start the parade (disfile en Espanol). Then we started. Oh the excitment of the shouting of the crowds "Miss Scott Miss Scott!!" Ok not really but it was a neat experiance to be able to look to the sides of the street and see people watching, the whole little town we walk through to buy our groceries, our humble little Pena Blanca, all out and watching the gringo teachers marching! The main road in Pena Blanca is I would say maybe (don't quote me on this) about 5 city blocks long. We marched that main road way stopping at intervals and in all we were able to draw this out to about in hour. Our Prepa classes waved their little batons with "fake fire" on the ends and marched till the couldn't anymore. I think it all went really well. Unorganized as always but looking good in the end!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The middle of Nov already!?

I thought I was tired... but then one blog lead to another and hear I am. Going to try to fit a whole lot of something in to one little blog update.
Ok first on the agenda is to address the team that came from my home church. A team of 8 men came out here to Honduras this past week. They left Thursday and were here from last Thursday. They were mainly a construction team. They came out to help with the church building construction although for one reason or another they were not able to work on the actual church building but they were able to do a ton of work on the children's church building. I mean these guys worked dang hard. Not only that but it was great to see familiar faces and have some new laughs with old friends! 
It made me think of two disagreeing sayings, one is - "absence makes the heart grow fonder" and the other "out of sight out of mind". They are both addressing the same situation and yet they say two completely different things. Which category do you fit in? 
It is good to see others outside of this box called Honduras, to get others back in my mind and to make me realize I have people to be fond of!
Ok next item on the agenda.... oh yes Honduras.
I think that as a culture they work so hard on the way things "seem" on the outside but when it comes down to the little details that make things work, run smoothly, more organized they kinda throw it all to the curb. Every thing happens in the end but the getting there always seems like a bigger ordeal than need be. Now the question is- does the american-ness in me make the way they do things chafe or is they way they are doing things not all that effective in the scheme of things? I guess it doesn't matter because one way or another it comes down to denying how I believe things should be. And that is truly one of the huge lessons that we get slapped in the face throughout this thing called life.
God bringing things to reality in my brain as I write a blog. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

good CLEAN fun

Is it just me or is the time going by really fast? I remember last year it was dragging by or at least compared to now, it seemed like it was dragging by.
The rain has let up slightly so that is good, considering the mud was getting a bit wild!
Harvest/Halloween went by with nothing to really note... other than the fact that I made 3 paper plate masks and I dragged Loki and Chibi to Chris and Maria's to "trick or treat". I don't condone devil worship in any way shape or form but I do love a bit of silly fun. 
We got a small sized snickers bar out of the venture and that in and of itself was worth it. We took pictures, I will see what I can do about getting them posted.
The 4x4 rally finished off very rainy, very muddy and exciting. But we were in mud up to our shins in places it was crazy. 
Please pray- my new computer that I got by an amazing miracle of God is wigging out on me! I don't know if I have a tech-jinx or what but it has been doing the weirdest things and then sometimes it just works and then sometimes not at all. So please pray that is would just get well!! And that God would heal my tech-no jinx.
The parade is this friday, the kids are looking sharp!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Here in Pena Blanca they have a 4x4 rally every year. I know Chris has mentioned it and I am pretty sure I mentioned it last year. Well it was here this weekend. Today we went to the first set of competitions in the rally. The juniors and the stock cars. It was a lot of fun. But the real fun happens tomorrow (sunday) Sunday is the day all the bigger, very serious about it 4x4s compete. 
Today was great weather for it. It never came out and rained like it meant it, but it was slightly overcast the whole of the day. Mud was flying every which way, boots were being sucked down by the thick mud we had to slog through. The smaller lighter vehicles were the ones that in the end did better. Because the larger vehicles were heavier and would get trapped in the mud easier. 
I took a ton of pics. Some if interesting might get posted and if
In general I think a good time was had by all.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall has come to me at last!

These are my "gourdo-lanterns" they are pretty cute and they made my heart smile. I got some bigger gourds to carve for this friday our harvest party we are having with the other missionaries/ teachers.

It is really chilly here! I think even colder than last year! I wish I had my scarves to wear. Oh how I love scarves and sweatshirts. It may not be a ABQ fall but it certainly has a genuine fall feeling about it here right now.
I had a skirt that ripped and I cut it into a scarf hehe. 

Monday, October 27, 2008

The parade of hope and wonder

Okay I realized something... I only talked about our school parade in one of my newsletters and then assuming you would know about it here on blogger I mentioned it. My bad.
Well our school here in Hondura Lake Yajoa Bilingual School is having a parade on the 7th or 5th, I don't know if they have decided yet. Anyway we are having a parade to celebrate the one year anniversary of moving into the new building we are in now! We will be parading through the small town Pena Blanca. I am very excited about it and I will try to get pictures although I know this will be an amazingly crazy day.
I also carved little squash type gourd things this week. I have some great pictures of them! They made me super happy!
It is still raining here which mean flooding is not getting any better. 
It has gotten chilly here the fog was rolling through the school earlier today and my clothes got a 4th and 5th rinse cycle. Hey it was pretty sunny on Sunday.
We have had a number of alacran (scorpion) sightings about 4 in all. They are creepy! Ugh and our British friend Veronica says if they bite you they hurt really bad! 
Though I am curious about how bad..... but not at night in my bare feet or in my bed.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The flooding here in Honduras is huge! This past Monday on our way into San Pedro we passed this whole stretch of road where the houses were completely flooded! The people in these areas just pretty much set up camp on the side of the road waiting. In other areas such as Teguchigulpa the landslides have destroyed a lot of lives. Please pray for all these people in need at this time, please pray that we would find ways to help these people in the name of Jesus.
On a more personal note our househlod has began to watch intsects as a form of entertainment. Chibi, Loki and I were watching this big fat beetle struggle its way onto a windowsill. Loke and I watched a beetle once crawl his way up the wall and just the other night we watched a spider wrap up a flying insect of some sort. Who needs tv!¿! who needs cable!¿! who needs internet!¿!
The parade preparations are coming along fine. All the classes know what they are doing and the prepa (k.5 our classes) are marching with sticks and we are going to try to put yellow tissue at either end of the sticks to look like fire! Hooray for psuedo-fire!
Now I am trying to use up the remaining 15 minutes of my interent cafe-ness...
We went to another interent cafe before this and these little boys were staring at the 4 gringas on thier laptops. Well when the WiFi internet didn´t work there we proceeded to come to an internet cafe that doesn´t offer WiFi but does offer interent. So we all got on a computer one way or another. Well it looks like everyone else id wrapping up and heading out to leave me behind!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall tidings

oh in honor of fall I made a coco latern.... I carved a coco pod (what you get chocolate from) into a jack-o-lantern.  I have never seen a pumpkin here but coco pods are a healthy alternative. It is a bit small but it works. That huge flame in the background is a homemade candle that Loq made. Let me tell you that flame got huge, the candle was about the size of a ping-pong in diameter.  The coco-lantern has turned black and hard, it is very Tim Burton-esq.

don't worry if it doesn't make sense.

I was digging a hole, to put up a pole, for a clothesline earlier this day. As I put in the log my mind stared to bog because I just refilled the hole the same way. It boggled my mind that I worked up a sweat to put in a log then refill the same hole that digging a hole with a pole then filling the hole was a direct insult to my labor. But how else could I achieve this thing that I need with out undoing the work that I did. Really no way so I finished this day and then it started to rain.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

yum yum fish

This pic is for Lori it is of Loq descaling a fish and Chibi watching him. He looked like a true catracho (this is the Honduran word for Honduran people) so I had to included it!

the moments of smiling.

Included in this post but not limited to: 
2 pictures of the root of death.... with its purply veins of tingly ouch. I had eaten this particular root before in a stew so I have no idea why it caused such a reaction this past time of the afore mentioned blog.
Well here are pics before we cooked it and after.
Chibi Lea seem to be doing better but continue to pray for better and better health for her.
We had this past Friday off for day of the soldier. We also got paid on Thursday which is always exciting. So these past few days have been very good ones.
One of the parents sells fish so we were able to get some fish which we ate tonight (Saturday) in an orange/ginger/garlic glaze. It was really delicious.
 I have been enjoying continuing the relationships I made with people around this area, it is fun. Such as this next narrative:
One day I was moving rocks onto one of the roads we use often and had gotten quite muddy recently. Well as I was doing this one of the waitresses that we have gotten close to walks by sees what I am doing and starts helping! I tried to insist that she did not have to because she was just getting off work walking up the road for the bus. She said she had time and continued helping me collect rocks. I call her Sonrisa which means smile because she has a beautiful smile. It was such a sweet gesture. As she left that same day she said "Tomorrow I will do a little bit more." and sure enough she did!!! It really touched my heart. I hope that I will be able to return the favor and do something extra special for her one day. 
Also that same day I was chopping grass and two other of the workers at the hotel walking up the road stopped to wave at me. They were far off too, but they saw me and stood there waving until I turned around and waved back. Those moments make my heart smile!

the bits you see are the purple veins within. Oh that was a weird moment when we thought we were going to die.
Here it is cooked. We ate some raw and it was fine it didn't cause the reaction until after Loq fried it.... strange.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The past few days.

What happened today...
What happened this weekend..
We went into San Pedro this Saturday, they were having a parade for Day of the Bible there. Can you believe it they have a Day of the Bible here! 
In Pena Blanca on Sunday they had a get together in their little park for day of the Bible. We had church at the river house of Emely's. Loq led worship to the sound of rushing waters. 
Golden and the kids visited another church that they got invited to. It was with a group of missionary baptists in this area. Whom Chris and Loq happened to meet and get to know better today (Monday). That being said, I didn't do Sunday school on Sunday.
After church we watched and learned how to make a Honduran dish called papoosas. They are thick but small corn tortillas stuffed with cheese and pork rind bits. They were very good!
Today I must announce that Loq rode his bike from the school into Pena Blanca! He even had some workers we are familiar with hoot and holler at him. He and Chris went in to San Pedro Friday and that is when he picked the bike up. Which just goes to show that no we have not got a car to help in the transport issues. Please pray for a 4x4 vehicle for us it is something very much needed.
Then later on we cooked up this strange root that I have eaten before, Loq fried it and when we went to eat it... it made our tongues and mouths itch and tingle. Fortunately Leah hadn't eaten any yet.
So those were some adventures that we experienced today.
Continue to pray for Chibi-Lea's health (chibi means mini in Japan we have dubbed her that to alleviate some confusion in the likenesses of our names.)
But eventually the weirdness in our mouths wore off.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I miss fall.

Things are different. They always change and leave us wondering "What happened?I was just enjoying the way things were.."
I was preparing to teach Sunday school last sunday and I was going to teach the kids about serving others, but then God put it on my heart to teach about fear. I have had a lot of fear moving here, not in the place Honduras is, but in leaving all that I know and love behind. Anyway I know the kids have each one of their own fears and I know God wants them to know that they can face their fears holding onto Him. So I taught them about when Jesus was in the boat and he calmed the storms. The kids and I even made up a little a song about "Don't need to fear because Jesus is near!".
I am enjoying the kids in my class a lot. Praise God for that! 
Leah has been sick for awhile now so please pray for her. She seems to be enjoying teaching as well and the kids in her class love her so.
Thanks for reading! If you know of anyone who would be interested in reading also, feel free to pass this link onto them!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Leah and Loq on the bridge. Down by the hotel. Beautiful day in Honduras!

Monday, September 15, 2008

the differences in the same.

Things are going well here. The church buildings walls are going up. We can see it taking shape at every visit and it is exciting. It is different for me this time around because of all the new people to interact with. Last season I learned a lot about being content and being still. I learned about serving as well and finding peace in situations. I know there are new lessons to be learned this time around because it is different I am a bit nervous about what God has to teach me because as last year was not so easy i know this year will hit those point as well. But I can look back on all the hard times and see how it helped me to grow and i wouldn't have it any other way so all I can do is keep my heart right and know that God will be faithful. 
It is fun having others around that are experiencing everything here for the first time. Leah is amazed at the beauty and Carissa is having fun with all the creatures. Loq is finding himself more and more comfortable with a machete. It is really awesome to see where everyone is being placed by God.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dia del Los Ninos (remember last year)

Today was Dia del Los Ninos- Day of the child. We celebrate children. Pretty much we just let the kids run amok, but then we got them back together to eat, sing a song to them and do pinatas! It was a fun day. They truly know how to fiesta here! I had a Sponge Bob Pinata. 
Then Loq, Leah, Karissa and I went to Pulhapanzak a waterfall swimming hole nearby, for cooling off and enjoyment purposes. I think in general a good day was had by all. 
It was cool driving around you could feel the festivity in the air. Kids carrying pinatas and kids dressed up for dancing in their traditional garb. Which you don't really see the Honduras traditional dress much at all. 

Monday, September 8, 2008


I think along with your prayers my new computer is able to pick up wireless signal better, Praise God on both accounts! 
Well today we went to this ladies house that Berta is planning on fixing up. This lady is real poor has 4 kids but is fighting to send them to school, the type of person you want to help. Berta with our help wants to repaint and help with some furniture in the house. So Friday after school we are going to help do some of that stuff. I took pictures so I will try to put some on here. They don't even have a real bathroom it is just a lean to like hut out back with a weird little toilet. They have a pile of burt trash in the front and in reality this is how most of the people live here. Well most don't even have a cement house like this one is. Granted this one is still needing a lot of help!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Here is Chris teaching. Sitting closest to me is Angel David Emely's son and Emely is the woman next to him and next to Maria. Chris is in the red and Meghan is wearing the orange shirt. The man you see in the back is Golden's father, her parents came to help with the trip and settling in for the first week or so.

This is our first service from last week, this is with everyone there. Things are happening! That is Michael and Golden doing worship. We meet in Emely's house. Emely is a fellow teacher and good friend of ours and a local!

I think you are praying for our internet because right now I am actually able to get a pretty good signal in my room! Before this that was not possible. Hooray!
Today at church I taught our first sunday school class for Michael and Golden's kids their names are - Micah and Zachary they are six years old and twins, Avalon she is probably eight years maybe nine. I had fun and I think they did also. They have a toddler Jaden but Michael and Golden hold him while Chris does the teaching.
Michael and Golden are from California they now lead worship for our tender little church gatherings. It has been nice to partake of communal worship. 
I am enjoying having all the company around me that I do. Loq and Leah have been a huge blessing in their mere being here. I am getting to know the 2 new teachers (Karissa and Meghan) also and they are a lot of fun. The whole clan of us went to San Pedro Sula yesterday (Saturday). For general shopping and some fun. Time goes by fast when you have a family of 5 and 6 other people to get shopping done for. I think a great time was had by all nonetheless.
The church building is still in construction but it is going up. I still haven't seen it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A time for everything...

Things are going well. Don't have much time at the internet cafe. Started the new school year, loving it. Needing patience!
I hope I will be able to post a longer entry later!
Thanks for your reading!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

on the way.

I am in the Ft. Lauderdale airport for my 8 hour layover and layovers this long are getting old. But hey I'll live with it. But thank God that there is free wifi here, I get bugged at those airports that charge for wifi! Nothing unusual has happened. God blessed me with a smarte cart so I wouldn't have to schlep my bags all over, which I wouldn't do really without the cart. 
I love to see elderly couples together, traveling and helping each other. It warms my heart. 

Leaving on a jet plane...

             Here I am at the entrance to China Town. That is my boyfriend. Ha!
                            Here are my beautifully pedicured toenails with the ocean as a backdrop.
     Here is a pelican I think he was dying because he didn't fly away, but he did try to snap me.

Hehehe did anyone notice that Ryoko is "Looking to the Skies" in my title pic? Isn't that awesome!?
Well I leave tomorrow Tuesday the 26 and my heart once again is heavy to have to say goodbye to all the ones I love.
But my heart thrills at seeing all the friends I have made in Honduras. I am also excited for the additions to our family out there as well, it's going to be a whole new adventure with them. I am excited to get to know my new kids for this year, I met most of them last year in Maria's class so I know them and they know me and they are all terribly cute. 
I finished packing tonight. It seems like I get better and better at knowing home things will fit and how things will weigh. 
My family here in ABQ is moving this next week to another house, so I have been having to help with that and pack up my entire room as well as my Honduras stuff. That has been a huge deal and I am leaving at a not so advantageous time for my family. So I feel bad about that, but what happens happens. 

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Glory to God!
I am on my new computer right now and that means I can post pictures!

Here is the obligatory black and white dock.
                                            The ghost ship.
One day I too shall surf!

I just thought this was really cool with the effect I used.

many things

My trip to CA was great! I had lots of fun with my family there. I was able to go to the beach and San Francisco. I enjoyed it very much.
On to other things. Do you want the good news or the bad... well I will give you the bad news first... My puppy in Honduras died. :( Chris said he just did, he probably was unhealthy. I did not really have a chance to bond with him yet I am still sad. He was awfully cute and I was looking forward to having him. A moment of silence for Weelsun-Pedo-Frijole.............
Now for the good news! God saw fit to bless me with a new laptop!!!! Another thing too IT'S A MAC! A Macbook to be precise. It is so humbling, I'm such an undeserving person and yet there it is. Blows my mind! Here is a picture of the type of computer it is.
God why are you so good to me, I am such a wretch and yet you bless me.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ah the sun, the sand, the beach!

I am heading out to California tomorrow to visit family there. I am looking forward to it as I will be visiting one of my most favorite places in the world... THE BEACH! It ought to be a great time and I am really looking forward to it!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tu Bandera....

Oh in case you hadn't realized that flag taking up half my blog is the flag of Honduras. I can kinda fake sing the national anthem.... the first line is "Tu Bandera" which means Your Flag. Great way to start a national anthem wouldn't ya say? Check it out for yourself.

city life is getting to me...

As I spend more time... as me in this world I know. I realize that I am well suited for the solitary life and I have to wonder is that good or bad? Do I find my cave and hibernate, only emerging when sustenance is needed? Or do I traverse this barren wasteland searching for the watering hole? Where do I belong? With a pack? In a pride? A covey?
Are lone wolves really alone?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I miss my solitude.

Monday, August 4, 2008

sad computer news.

Today I had a mission: to fix my faithful friend my ibook G4. I went to the Mac Store.
I talked to the genius at the ( i don't know what is with the underlining.. I can't stop it) Genius Bar and he pretty much said that my hard drive is ready to die. I had the hard drive replaced by a Mac certified guy. I wanted more memory for pics. But apparently the transplant was rejected because this is the second major problem I have had in this year.
Please pray for God's provision in this matter!
and sorry about the underlining.

Friday, August 1, 2008


I took these at the Albuquerque aquarium. They have a exhibit there of koi fish. I love the way these pic turned out, almost looks like it is ink/water colors.

You like me, you really like me!

I love when people read my blog! It makes my heart smile! Hooray! Just so you know also, I don't just update when I send out a mass email. When I have good strong internet I try to update at least once a week! Just so you know.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is my dog in Honduras and the dark spotted puppy is my puppy... I think I am going to name him Frijole. Aren't they the sweetest most adorable, cutest!!!

Missing out

I have been having a wonderful time here in Albuquerque. I am able to enjoy many things that I had taken for granted before I went to Honduras. Such as but not limited to:
1. I can drink the tap water here!
2. I can go out at night and feel relatively safe.
3. I can ride my bike all over the place.
4. I can choose any type of food I want to eat.
5. If I need something I just go to the store and get it. I don't have to wait to go into San Pedro Sula every other weekend.
Those are some of the big things.
One night I was walking around an outdoor shopping mall called Uptown and seriously I started crying it just overwhelmed me that I could be walking around stores at night. Can you believe that I started to cry. I told my mom with tears in my eyes "people here are so lucky and I bet they don't realize it or even stop to think about it." I am not saying I am better than any one I am saying that this is what I notice what is going on in my heart.
It is such an interesting trade off. I love the peace of Honduras but if there was a superstore on every corner that would go away.
These things are just things I didn't realize I had until I didn't have them. Isn't that just the way it goes though?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

a story.

So I met with some friends today for lunch super tasty Japanese food! I had a most blessed and excellent time!
Well as I was telling them some stories of my traversing, I realized I forgot to put a good story (or wait did I forget...) if I am repeating myself sorry.
On my way back from Honduras this time, the airline guy checked me in as "Melissa or Michelle Scott" I did not notice this until I was near security paying my leaving the country fee. I had already waited in line to check in for about an hour or longer. So in the whole process of getting out of the country I was a little more than half way there. I knew I would never make it to the plane if I turned back now so I opted to just keep going with the name "M.Scott" I went through a number of different check points and not one noticed that my passport did not match my ticket. Good thing? maybe.
I get on the plane in the nick of time....
and I sit
and sit
and finally after about an hour I hear "Will M. Scott come up to the front." My cheeks burn and I am thinking oh no this is my fault... so I get up and show them what happened, they take my passport and ticket and of course they find me because this is the flight I am supposed to be on. (Oh by the way I got to see the real M.Scott. a rather strong looking African American woman with a little boy) So they bring my stuff back and tell me their sorry. Good not my fault!
and then we sit.
and sit.
I miss my flight in Miami. I go to the counter of the airline I missed the flight of and see what I can do to get home. Well of course nothing is available that night so despite not wanting to spend another night in a drafty, noisy, airport that is exactly what happens. I book a flight for the next morning and give the guy my card to pay for the fees and my card gets declined... its like all those credit card commercials coming to life... he ask me "Do you have another card?" I am thinking up plans HOW AM I GOING TO GET HOME! I tell him "No, I don't have another card" And yes I couldn't help it I really was dejected. I guess he knew I had hit the very bottom. Because the next thing I know he is clicking his computer and saying "I am not supposed to be doing this.." and gets me on the flight sans the fees!!!! Oh Praise the Lord!!! I tell him "Bless you sir!"
He replies "I hope I live to see it...God bless you too."
That is my story, and I am leaving out the part where a guy from Tahiti tried to pick up on me, that was not all that exciting.
But wasn't that very cool story. I had to put it here.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

2 homes.

Well it is certainly set that I am going to be doing another year in Honduras. Very bittersweet. I am In Albuquerque home as opposed to Honduras home, right now. I have been having a busy and most excellent time. If you have not heard from me... I reiterate busy. And also my phone service has been cut off and my drivers license expired. These two things hinder my comings and goings. I am working on on rectifying the situation as soon as possible. Until then I am peacefully enjoying the dry air and fun.
It is weird to feel like I have two homes but that is exactly how it is, I miss Honduras but I am overjoyed to be with most of the people I love so dearly.
I am excited to go back because it looks like this coming year is going to be filled with a lot of new huge things and some more challenges.
Calvary Chapel Lake Yajoa looks like it will be starting up and taking off WOW! That is so amazing. I can not wait to see what God does with all of it. New people coming to help, land, a building. His hand is in it!
You know I kinda thought and this is silly.. but I thought I would feel different inside as a missionary but I am the same old me... if not worse haha. There are so many things I thought would be different. I knew it would never be what I thought I just didn't think it would be what is has been. I guess I expected like burning bushes and such, I expected to be "healed" of my flesh. I don't know why I thought such things, I did though. Well maybe, just maybe, pride.... like being a missionary would elevate me to a higher spiritual level. Bad Leah bad.
I have learned a lot. I have learned to be more at peace with who God has made me. I have learned lots, tons, bunches of patience, I have more confidence in myself... don't let that throw you I know it is not about me. I can just walk down the street knowing HE has got my back.
I have learned an awful lot about sitting still, being alone, "stopping to smell the roses". Good things that are like more bricks adding to the foundation within.
I have had such a struggle with internet! It has been so hard to keep you readers informed, but it is not an easy thing to get on internet I don't have or that doesn't work! I know it is important to you to know what is going on in my life. There is only so much I can do, just please pray that I can get internet that is semi okay in my house!
Please feel free to pass on the information to my blog to any one who doesn't have it!
I am in ABQ until August 25 then I head back to my other home. The new school year is supposed to start on September 1st, so if you have those things on your heart please pray!
Praise report! I got a really good camera, my Tata spoiled me and got it for me! So I am going to take excellent pictures of all sorts of things and post A LOT of pictures. For those of you who want pictures of "everything" hehe. Oh yeah internet allowing of course.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kid Pic.

Here is my class only one was missing this day. These kids rock! Ignore the date it is very wrong.

not the internet!

First off I'd like to give props to Mark for not having internet at his house. Because he doesn't want to waste his life on the computer!! I have really enjoyed these past few months with out it, it is like a ball and chain, but alas it looks like I have quickly become drawn into the .com world. See it is only 10:00 and I am on... 
Second I'd like to tell you I saw our neighbor the toucan this morning looking bright and sassy! 
Ok got go meet some kids! Bye!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here I am again sitting on my front step, looking out at the Lake Yajoa. The Clouds are low and thick, the sky is dark and promising a grand storm later on. Going to be a nice night!
 Have I mentioned how incredibly beautiful this country is, when ever I look around my breath catches in my throat. I am blessed truly.
The education system here is crazy, the love paperwork. I suppose that is because they really don't have much in the way of computer systems. Today Maria spent most of the day writing and rewriting these tedious forms. If she got one little thing on it wrong she would have to do it all over NO white out allowed! 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade had to do it. She was doing it for Chris because Chris was out doing stuff with a donated van and our passports.
We were at the school untill 5:30 that is late. 
Gotta go the sky just instantly turned black.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Like newly fallen snow.

Highlight of my day: I got to pet two brand new baby cows... calfs. Chris saw them in the 4X4 field next to the school. They were laying down together all cute and cuddly. He pointed them out to me and like a flash I was under two barbed wire fences and patting the little fellows on their little heads. Sadly I did not have my camera or I would be putting pics up for you this instant. They were both white but had light brown spots on the tops of their heads. almost like patches of hair. One was a bit smaller than the other. They were so soft and clean. I know this may sound weird but I wish I had seen their birth. 
I picked up a toad, the other teachers hate when I do. Toads do pee on you but I do not have warts and I have picked up many a toad. It was a big one, and as I continued to hold it, it would puff up with air in an attempt to intimidate me. Well obviously I am on to these little scemes of the toad world. So instead of dropping him in fear (or if I was a predator trying to eat it I would spit him out but of course I was not) I preceded to make him do the little fat toad dance. Which really just involves making his legs swing back and forth and humming a unknown ditty. I had to be dancing with him as well but that is besides the point.
That is all I have to report up to this point. Thanks :)

Monday, June 23, 2008


ok friends what would you like to see pictures of now that I can post them!? I know how about creepy critters! 
It seems I can only do one pic at a time so here is a pic of me and the little little snake we had awhile back. A boy in my class named him Harry.

A picture test.

This is little Eugenia playing futbol she was the only girl and hadn't even practiced with the boys and yet she still got out there and gave it her all, we could learn something from that....

It has been too long my friends!

Hello and hello from me your long time no see Leah. Well things are going good here in Honduras. The team from my home church Calvary east with the Jesus Film crew, Zemer Lavav and Michael and Golden came out just last week and a wonderful time was had by all...(I hope and I think so) things were not as expected but when are they ever? I had a great time with all of them it was a huge blessing for me! We got to go to many churches with the music and bless them and be blessed, we got to meet tons of people, pray with them and get to know them. I was so proud of the team they really were awesome and the young people that came were amazing they were just out there playing and enjoying the children all around!
But during that time God really spoke to my heart about how lucky and how blessed I have been here, so that was really awesome.
The other day something quite interesting happened..... it hit me, like truly hit me in the brain that I had to stay. Now ever since I decided to go home for at least a year I was good with that, yet I would look up in the trees, find cool new beetles, laugh with the kids, eat a different fruit, hold one of the many babies around here, see something breath taking and I would just know that I would miss all of these thing deeply.... but I was still set on going back to NM. One day like I said though it hit me that I had to stay. I was looking forward to going home to be with my loved ones and gourmet sandwiches and the "get it how you like it" living, hey I would not be American if I did not look forward to such things. So my heart is sad a bit but I know that I am good with the decision to stay for at least one more year...... and who knows what will change next.
Things are looking really good for a Calvary Chapel here. Chris and Maria had land donated to them and all the things needed are falling in to place!
I have not a monkey, but the dog that hangs out with our watchy is going to have puppies!!! Sadly though we will be in the states at the time they are to be birthed. I get to keep one, seeing as how I will be here for a little while longer. No I did not decide to stay based on the puppies.
It is funny Chris set up wireless internet in his house which is about ten steps away from the house I am in, but the only way I can get the wifi, is by sitting on my front step. So I am sitting out here listening to the sounds of the birds, some that sound like our resident toucans. Good times.
Well since I am staying I am praying for a vehicle of my own so the work on Chris' will not be so tremendous and also I can do a bit more exploring. Exploring is recommended for a healthy living.
I will continue working at Lake Yajoa Bilingual School as the preparatory teacher. So we will see what things the Lord will do with and within me and around me this coming school year!!!! Huzzah!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

fruits galore. bastantes frutas.

Hello all!
We have a three day weekend! Hooray! I am not exactly sure why we have Monday off.... something like dia de Americas.... I do not know. It said on a note we sent home, but I can only understand so much in Spanish. I must say that that has been a hard thing for me, not being able to understand all the time what is going on at the school, such as special events, or new things happening. Another thing that has been hard is not being able to communicate with parents. I would like to tell them things that I can not, or things that I need. It really handicaps things, but on the other hand, the kids have learned English really well due to instant immersion a la scott. Things get done regardless and God always fills in the gaps. It is just one of the frustrations.
I went to San Pedro Sula yesterday with Veronica Buezo and guess what...? I got to have SUSHI! We went to a sushi restaurant called Sushi Itto. Ah glorious sushi and tasty Japanese food.
I love going into the city with Mrs. Buezo, because we get to ride public transport, and once we get there we walk everywhere. It is just a neat experience to be able to do it that way. Plus Veronica has done so much in her life I just love picking her brain! She tells me all sorts of stories of when she was working with save the children. Like once they had a beach cabana... like right on the beach NICE! She tells me about weird parasites, and people she has met, I love to hear about it.
I have been thinking about a monkey... and thinking that it would probably not be such a good idea to have one. So.....
I have found so many different fruit here that I just love. The most recent one that I really like is called CEE -DWEL-ES they are about the size of strawberries, the good ones are green in color, but when they get over ripe they turn orange/red. They have a tart flavor with a slight hint of green apple flavor. I bought a bagful this weekend. They eat most of the fruit here with salt, and I love it. They eat mangoes green with salt they eat them orange with salt. Tasty tasty!
But I have been eating a lot of mangoes and my mouth and chin have started itching, I do not know if it has to do with the mangoes but it started to happen after I ate this big mango with a strange flavor.
I have had run ins with many scorpions (never stung) from really small ones to slightly bigger ones. If they are in my dwelling place they go to see their maker. I have had a few wakeful nights imagining scorpions crawling onto my head. I am not scared of them, I just do not like the thought of them stinging me in my sleepy innocence.I have heard it is quite painful to be stung by one, but part of me is a bit curious as to what it feels like.
Pray for Chris he was chopping down banana trees and really hurt his back, so please keep him in prayer.
We have been meeting for church services at Emely's house (one of the other teachers from Hounduras). It has been cool.
I keep thinking of things to write, so I am kinda jumping from subject to subject. So the latest thing I have to tell you is tonight we had an avacado but it was a anise avacado and it had a distinct anise flavor to it!
That was the last thing. Farewell.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Platypus Lady I love you!

I have never itched so much in my entire life! Most of the time I don't even know why!
well I was trying to put pics up from Chris and Marias computer but I wasn't ablt to find the ones I wanted... sigh.
All is well.
It is getting hotter and hotter as the days move on.
I have not got a monkey and that is ok.
I got some good pictures in San Pedro today, of this street lady that has one huge dread lock on the back of her head. We got her some food, and I took some pictures... but alas I couldn't find them. I like her she is interesting I wish that I knew more about her. She is lovingly called "Platypus Lady" because her dread-lock looks like a platypus tail. Mind you, not everyone calls her that..actually the only person that called her that was Kandace Herring (the youngest of the *Herring clan) but I thought it was fitting. I also think that platypi are the coolest animals so I am happy with the name for my little street friend.
*Herring-mentioned in previous blog.
thanks for reading!
oh and I am so happy to hear that more and more of you are reading here thank you so much that fills my heart with tremendous warm fuzzies!!!!
In Jesus
Leah Collect (not really it is Collete) Scott
but I under certain circumstances like collect.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good times!

Ah, what a great break! It was very tranquilo and not even boring.
On breaks I tend to go crazy with too much time on my hands, but we visited friends at the very beginning. It was a teacher lunch. I have to go into some history here. Two of our teachers the computer/Spanish teacher Miss Emily and the Directora Mrs. Magdelena they are sisters. We went to family land of thiers, right next to the river. They had family thier also, you can rarely have a get together here without having family and friends there. I love that about this culture! So we had a bar-b-que. I took pictures, yet I often use Chris and Maria's computer for internet so the pics are not here. I met a parrot named Rosita there. Birds are so cool. I also met a 8 day old little white calf. It was so pure white, I couldn't believe how white and clean it looked.
Then we went to a little place up river and Mrs. Buezo and I put our feet in. (By the way Mrs. Bueso's first name is Veronica). I hung from a tree branch above the water. Ate this very tasty fruits called rose apples. They were the shape of pears but a bit smaller, and they really did have a rose flavor. They reminded me more of pears than apples though. Good friends, good times and good fun! Then I was able to do a few worship songs on the guitar and Chris did a bible teaching, for the teachers. It was plam sunday now that I am thinking back on the time frame of things. It was nice.
Then on monday we went in to San Pedro Sula to clear up stuff at the consulate. After that we met up with the Family v(from the states) that has the christian park I told you about. I can not recall thier last names right now. But I can remember all the first names. Randy, Kandy, Kelly, Kaleb and Kandace. They live in San Pedro. and Maria just informed me that thier last name is Herring. We spent the night in San Pedro Sula with them and that was really fun. I was able to play Nintendo Wii with Kaleb and Kandace watch movies and just hang out with people I could actually talk to! Kelly is in the states attending college. They were very hospitable and we had a great time with them.
Well in San Pedro I completed my plan for Semana Santa... I bought a little blow up pool! If I couldn't go to the beach I brought the beach to me! I took pictures and again I can't show you. I am sorry. My pool is mostly light aqua blue, with fish decorating the outside. I can lay down fully in it lengthwise. I got to enjoy it for one hot afternoon and then it started raining for the next few days! But I am not complaining I love the rain! It is so beautiful here when it rains.
From there on, Semana Santa was just really laid back and enjoyable.
We recently have got names and numbers for local pastors that are going to help with the Jesus Fest. So we are breaking through walls to further contacts here and that is really awesome!
We didn't have any drama meetings due to Semana Santa.
Lake Yahoa Bilingual School is doing well. But the administration is on the look out for more teachers, they need about four for the start of next year. So if you think to that pray the God will direct the right teachers who love Jesus to this area. I continue to absolutley love my kids, they bring a smile to my face all the time! Their grasp of english is amazing me, even the newer ones are picking it up.
And amazing enough I understand spanish so much more than ever, Praise God! It is fun for me!
One more thought before I scurry off, one day in the resturant here on the finca, we were just sitting around there enjoying oursleves, talking and such. One of the cleaning ladies that we have got to know and befriended was sweeping around as. We talk to her and joke with her so we are in friendly terms with her. Well she set her broom down next to us and went to the bathroom. We decided to twist the broom head off her broom and hide it. Okay mostly I did it... one of the young waiters that is friends with her saw and was laughing. Well she came back and looked at her broom in suprise, she was holding it bottom end up and looking around. I felt bad so gave it back. She laughed.
These are things I feel show people that we aren't here as snotty americans. That we do want to have fun with them, we do want to be friends and get to know them.
Thanks for reading!
Praise Report!
Things are going well here and more and more doors are being opened!
Prayer requests-
for transportation for the Jesus Fest, getting people to and from it. This is a big thing, we want people to come who otherwise won't be able to, so they can hear about Jesus!
So I could possibly get a monkey.....for the time I am here. A little one. A bit far fetched but it would be awesome all the same.
For where I am to be in the future as far as work, school etc etc and clarity with that because I can tend to be dense.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks for your love and your prayers and support!
In Jesus,

oh yeah "new words"
WAKA-LA means disgusting
CULEECHEE means intestinal worms

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Words and Semana Santa

Well we have a week off for Holy week (Semana Santa) and sadly I will not be going to the beach... well not too sadly, the word is that EVERYONE and their mami go to the beach during Semana Santa. I have found alternative ways to enjoy my Semana Santa break....more on that in a future post.
Boy did we need the break, the kids started getting very crazy this last week, you know how it is with kids, they feel the vacation coming on ,like and old person feels a storm.
One interesting thing Chris, Maria and I noticed was the kids will come in after recess after running around in the hot hot sun, dripping with sweat. They then give us a huge hug... and we think it is mostly to wipe the sweat off on our shirts. Don't get us wrong they are hugging us to love us, but it seems like more than that. It is entertaining.
We had another mime outreach this past Friday at Carnaveral High school. They were a rough crowd. I pulled fruit out of many ears and most of them did not seem to enjoy it. Okay not real fruit just mime fruit. I thought I should clear that up just in case you were wondering.
It is awesome that we have this opportunity to outreach, it is hard though because many of these young ones have heard the gospel. It is just a matter of making it more serious in their hearts, more personal. I guess isn't that what is always is...
Calvary Chapel East (our home church) is planning a Jesus Fest out here in June, we are already trying to get things going for that and it is exciting to see things being lined up and working out! Praise God!
No snakes this week.
We had our first field trip to a christian Park. This huge beautiful plot of land that the kids ran around and played in, with a fresh little stream running through it. It was awesome, the guy who owns the land is a christian and he had a group of young adults there that played and talked with the kids. They kids enjoyed it! The group did a few dramas for us. Good times.
That is the end of my rerport.
Over and out in the name of the Lord.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

big snakes and my new hobbie

I saw another snake this week.... I went on a walk on a part of the finca that is probably not traversed very often and I climbed over this large mound of dirt and sticks. Well on the other side of it I was exploring and I looked a bit ahead of me and I saw this huge snake body, about the thickness of a soft ball! I was in shock then I poked it and instead of very timidly slinking off into the jungle... it turned around and stared at me. I had an inner struggle at this point: "catch it!"
"What are you crazy!?"
"but.... I really want to say that I caught it.."
"oh and then that it bit you...?"
"yeah... I am not so sure about if it bites me, but I really want to get it. Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin catch them."
"Yeah Steve Irwin is no longer with us and the Jeff Corwin has gone to school for snake-stuff..."
"oh alright I won't catch it."
So at the point I came around the other side of the mound to poke it from another side.... and it stared at me again and this time I got the subtle hint that I looked like an open buffet, I decided to leave right then and continue my walk.
So there was that.
It was my birthday this past week and that was pretty fun, the kids in my class dedicated like a whole five minutes of singing happy birthday to me that was fun. I got a few gifts from them cute things. One little girl had me close my eyes and she lead me into the classroom and then when I opened my eyes she said "ta-da!" and there was a bear coin bank on my desk! Pretty darn cute huh.
I also love the old people here I wish I could do more for them. When ever I see them I do give them money. Old people melt my heart. They are so sweet here, dark skin, lots of wrinkles the kind that make old people have squinty eyes and usually they have white hair. I love them. You know they have had a hard life here and that is another reason I give them money, more than likely they really need it.
Oh and my newest hobbie.... hacking stuff with my machete. It is a small machete but it is good.
Looking forward to what the Lord has for me in Marzo/March.
Please pray for what I am to do next thanks!
Prasie report-we have a PE coach at the school and he is really good! He is a former Soccer player for a team called Real Espana. It is awesome!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Snake or snack.

Yeah! Internet! Ok I think I will be able to update here once a week. But no promises.
Well I have been praying... and I feel like I am to leave Honduras. So at the end of this school year I am going to head home for... only God knows what is next. I have been praying about a few different options. You ask why? Why am I leaving? Circumstances are how shall I say it... not conducive right now. 
I like it here a lot and I love the kids so much! It is "Things". You know when you say "things" it is because you don't really have the words to explain the things in your heart. 
Well Thursday I caught a baby snake! My first, it was small and brown with lighter brown stripes. And even cooler yet... it bit me! That was awesome. It didn't have fangs at all it just liked pinched me when it bit. It got stuck to a piece of tape on my classroom floor. I saw it in the morning.  One of my students (Gerarda) and I, were the only ones there. I saw it and thought it was a toy, but on closer inspection it wasn't.  I told Gerarda to back up and then I just got it in me to catch it. I knew it was not a yellow beard(very dangerous) or a coral snake (extremely dangerous) so I thought why not, I can get it. So I grabbed that place at the back of its neck but I could not get a good grip and that is when it bit me. After that I caught it. It was fun. The directora said "Only Lia (that is how they spell my name here) catches these little animals." It caused a stir in the school for the day. I didn't name it. But one of my little boys named Angel took it home. Good times. The adults are not to into catching critters here. It is considered Que Rado (HOW WEIRD). That is my story for the week.  I would hold it through out the day and it bit me a couple more times. Angel said it was a python he said he had one already and that is why I gave it to him. 
My kids liked it. When he said python in spanish it sounds like pee-ton. 
Chris and I did a mime outreach today after school, that was fun. We went to a high school called Canada with a church group. The mime we had time to do was can you guess.... DO NOT TOUCH. 
 There were these little street girls there and they just latched onto me they were cute. They were singing the worship songs and talking to me and holding my hands. Little sweeties!
We might go to the beach next weekend!! The whole 6 teachers from the school might, I hope it works out that we do! Mrs Buezo (the British lady) is going and she invited us all. Alright! 
28 on the 27th. 

Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh my goodness I am so grateful to have internet! It is amazing to have it now! God continues to be with me and pull me through the rocky spots. 
This is am older post from last month but here it is!
My dear  friends in the Lord Jesus Christ!
Grace and peace to you from this slow paced Latino culture.
I write this with faith that you may be able to read it one day!
I was able to go back to Albuquerque for Christmas and that was a huge blessing! I had a wonderful time, one of the best holidays ever. Being away made the time that much more sweet!
It went by too fast though I did not have enough time to be with all the people I wanted to.
Now I am back to the school year and am up to 23 student!!!
My ministry remains mostly with my students which is what I really love and what God had called me to. It is fun to compare my total desperation at out lack of  communication and their total lack of understanding to where we are now. Pray for me with this amount of students it is a new thing and I can get pretty overwhelmed. They do not know any english so that makes it that much harder. But the kids that I have has since the start understand really well, it is so awesome to be able to say "Jesus is the most important!" and have them understand! The kids are so much fun, I think that because this culture is so much about relationship that the kids treat me more like family. I connect with them on a different level, it is a lot of fun.
My spanish you ask... well I can follow most conversations and I speak in small sentences and one words, enough to get my point across. I still lack the fine tuning that I need to be confident enough to hold any sort of meaniful conversations. Needless to say I get lonely.
God has been faithful(of course) in that department as well. One of the other teachers at the school is this older British Lady that is married to a Honduran. She has lived here for something like 25 years. She has been all over the world, working with malnourished children. We have hit it off from the start and she has taken me to San Pedro Sula and she enjoys traveling (she calls it itchy feet)
Our most recent adventure was to a city (formerly the capitol city) named Comayagua (not sure on the spelling). It is a very slow paced little city and very historical. With old buildings and brick paved streets. Nothing like San Pedro Sula which is fast paced and crazy.
We went to a museum there and visited her in-laws.
But the most exciting and frustrating part was riding the public transport back. I had the opportunity to stand the whole way back (about 2 hours) due to lack of seats and by the time we had to get off, the front of the bus was packed out. I had to force my body into spaces between other people that I never thought I would get out of! I would look up to the front of the bus to see how far I had to go and get a face full of angry Latin Americans with their eyes saying "don't even think about it!!" I had to though, I had to get off. Pure madness but not altogether unpleasant.
I have hit times here where things drive me insane but God is always good and He continues to be my support and hold me. I get lonely and stir crazy but again God is there to see me through to the other side and hopefully I will come out better because of it.
Prayer Requests for me please:
open doors for ministry
peace, patience and contentment
the impact of Jesus on this small community
for the future of me
Thanks for all your love, support and prayers!
Only in the sweet name of Jesus,

Hooray I am here!!! Internet a blessing!!