Wednesday, September 19, 2007

low battery and so much to say.

School is going well. This past Monday was Dia del Maestra. Teacher day, nothing worth noting happened.
This past weekend we got to go into San Pedro Sula, the biggest city near here. It is about 45 minutes to an hour away. Imagine that: movies, malls, shops, clean restaurants 45 to an hour away. But we went in to San Pedro twice this weekend it was really nice to have something to do!!! Saturday we went to just hang out and Sunday we went to a fellowship there! It was great all great!
My battery is running out so I best be off.
oh and it is spelled rompecabeza= puzzle.

Monday, September 10, 2007

School days Schools days!

Okay we finally have had some normal days of school. It was canceled two days last week because of Hurricane Felix, which we really saw nothing of. But since then we have had some major storms, just plain Honduran monsoon storms that were much worse than "Felix". In fact in one we saw a huge tree get blown over! It apparently had been struck my lightning before so the strong winds just blew it over! That was cool. Also I now know what "rolling thunder" sounds like in action.
I can't understand my kids very well, but a little. It is a lot of fun sometimes to hear kids speaking a whole new language all around. It seems they are understanding me more and more each day too so that is really cool. I was nervous it would be mayhem all the time, the kids who had Mrs. Rivera last year know how to behave for the most part. Todo Bein= Everythings good.
Today was "Dia del Ninos" childrens day. So we had another fun day, with games and food (of course eating is a big thing here) I did face painting because it is what I always do. Good times, good times.
Oh here is a tidbit the kids love puzzles and they do them well, they call them rompa cabesa (forgive me spelling in Spanish) Rompa Cabesa means pull your hair out. Puzzles make you pull your hair out haha. Isn't that funny! Friday I couldn't get the word out of my head!
Well pray that I would learn to be still before the Lord as I have not much interaction with others and/ or that He may bring some social things my way.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

last week, this week.

Well it took pretty much all of last week for me to get better. Except on Thursday I was able to go with some American friends we have here, to this incredible waterfall and I was able to jump off some small waterfalls! Not super high ones but pretty high ones! I was weak still from being sick but I could not pass up this opportunity!! It was so fun!
Well I paid for it the next day by being super weak and blah.
I am better now and we are waiting for Hurricane Felix to hit. Not so sure what to expect from it. But I know it is at a class 3 and it is now in Honduras, not in our area yet.
We started school yesterday, it was like and "open house" I was able to meet the kids and parents. The staff talked to them and there was pinatas for the kids. As of yesterday I had 11 students I heard though that 2 more signed up. I will let you know more about them as the year goes on.