Wednesday, August 29, 2007

sick, homesick and smiles.

Well I just am over being so sick. It started Sunday night and it was bad, I won't go into horrendous details. Let us just leave it at it was bad, the stomach cramps were so bad I couldn't even sleep. I am not 100% now but I am better than I was. But another thing being so sick brought on was homesickness... yeah I can't believe it myself so soon! My bed, my toilet, my shower, my privacy to be sick in... ah the things you don't realize you would miss until it's not there. Shall I go on about what I miss while in the jaws of death? No.
I will go onto the smiles. I mentioned that the Honduran people seem so hard, they scowl as they walk down the street and yet the smiles that can be had from them... they are amazing. Tonight Maria did an English class at a little soup kitchen type place. This place is run by a Nun, up a bumpy dirt road. Sister Maria feeds the poor "latch key" kids in the neighborhood. The kids that are left alone to fend for themselves much like the skinny chickens I would see all over the streets. I digress.
The English class...
About 6 teens where there to learn English and all of them had smiles that lit up the room! That did my heart good to see. It also did my heart good to see some of the boards slapped together to make a "house" it did my heart good because I know that if at all possible I will help. I want to help and love like Jesus. Kids in torn clothes and bare feet walking the dirt road. I would think to myself... "what do I have on me I could give?" As much as my heart cries for the creature comforts of home my spirit cries to help in the name of Jesus.
I just hope I can be about it soon, I am kinda going stir crazy!
School starts Monday... I will let you know how that turns out. I finished up my classroom today and as small and hot as it is I added some nice "me" touches so I can call it my own. I painted the front of my desk with a dancing turtle in a meadow... me and my turtles. I was also able to paint a a calender on my wall, that was fun.
Pray that my heart would be content regardless of anything!
I love you all and miss you more than you realize!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

bug bitten.

Hey! I got eaten by bugs in my bed a couple of nights, I think they have decided to leave me alone. But I have polka-dots all over my arms to prove it.
The people here seem very soft spoken from what I have noticed. Not like I have been here very long. I think also thay they have very gruff exteriors yet when you get past that they are soft inside. The people we are in contact here seem genuine and desire to see that I am comfortable.
The buildings are very much like ones in Mexico for shops and such. Painted brightly. For houses though I haven't got to explore a lot, but most of them are shacks.
There are trees of the tropical nature all around. Beautiful green mountains in the distance that usually have full white clouds spilling over them. I look up at those mountains and it just leaves me amazed. I am so small and God is so big. SO BIG.
It has only been a week, I feel like I have been here for a month. Not because it is bad... it is just the way it feels.
School starts on September 3rd and I am getting all geared up for that! Writing out lessons plans, cleaning many layers of dust out of my classroom. Picking Chris and Maria's brains for ideas about talking to the kids.
I am looking forward to having something to do when school starts. It is going to be hard I know and at the same time really fun.
I am still trying to learn the lay of the land around here, I think once I do it might feel more at home. I still feel kinda misplaced... of course it has only been a week.
I'll share more at a later date.
thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Made it.

Hey Friends I made it! It is beautiful here, I have already encountered numerous creatures and I love that! I caught my first gecko last night and I named him Merlin.
I have met so many new people in these past few days it is hard to keep them all straight.
Maria and I went to the school today to meet up with another teacher and pick up a book. It got me very excited to be teaching again. I am nervous that I won't be able to keep control of my class because of my lack of Spanish, but Chris and Maria assure me it will be ok. So I am getting excited and it is that thrill of excitement that renews my love of teaching, that I know it is what I am meant to do.
But the little buildings we are in... I can't even explain. They are these tiny little buildings two of them each separated into two classrooms each. They playground is scabby, but this is what they have and this is third world. It is good they have this and they are now in the process of building a new building that will be done hopefully at the end of September. It made me sad that, that is what they have and yet it made me start getting ideas and that is fun.
It is beautiful here! The land is so bountiful and lush...
Well thanks for your prayers, keep reading and I will try to keep posting.
God is good!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Ok so I have a huge layover in Florida. I waited in line to check my bags and I am like 7 or more hours early. I get up to the ticket counter after waiting in a huge line with my life packed in two 50 lb bags and they tell me I can't check in yet. I have to wait untill like 5 or 6 hours before the flight to check in. I was near tears at this point. So I heave my heart and my bags outta line... and God put a smartKart in my path! That was awesome! With a battle and the kindness of strangers I was able to load the cart with my burdens. I am now sitting on the floor (by choice) against a wall waiting to check my bags in so that I can unhindered get something to eat. Oh and Praise God for wireless internet in airports!
The flights were good. Nothing to exciting to report about them. I sat by a little girl my first flight and was able to help her, because her mom and sister were a few rows behind us. That was good to take my mind off of my heaviness.
So God is good, pray that I have His peace and joy. I want to enjoy this adventure and take in every minute. I guess it is natural to feel loss.... but still I want to enjoy.
I love you all!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

One more wake up.

I am nervous. My stomach hurts.
I am going down the list of last minute things to do. Contacting people that I need to, to tie up loose ends and say farewell. Weighing my bags so that I don't go over the 50lb limit. Time is so short and I wish I could spend each moment soaking in everyone that I love.
God is good. He shall teach me so much through this and for that I am so excited!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

saying goodbye.

Maybe it gets easier to say goodbye after awhile. maybe.
One more day closer to my departure.
Am I getting nervous?
More excited?
I am more just waiting. I can't define how I feel. I feel a lot of things. But I don't think it will hit me real hard until I am there.
Seeing the tears of my mom and my nana that is hard.
I know I am going to love the kids. I am looking forward to meeting them. Slightly apprehensive about the language barrier. How can I teach them.... I have been trying to create how it may be in my mind, that is not working. It will work out, God will give me what I need.
But if there are any multi-language teaching ideas out there, I'd be happy to hear them!

Getting ready.

Well I am on my last leg of the journey to head out....
I am scared. I am excited.
I know I am going to miss loads of stuff back home. My family being at the top of that list! But alas also my privacy. It seems I am to be sharing a room with another female, 16 years old, soft spoken and Honduran. Please pray in this situation, for I am not used to sharing a room with anyone. I know that the Lord knows and He will use it to grow me but I know it is going to wack me out!!!
I am pretty well packed.... I guess. What more can I do. I can't possibly think of each and every situation that may come up.
If I forget something I forget something.
What was it they said in the depression "Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or do with out" I would like to strive to live by that!
Packing up my life has been a monstrous experience, overwhelming to say the very least. At times I was sure I couldn't do it and at other times I begged my mom to help. Being the incredibly supportive mom she did. I really needed it.
It was tough getting through these past few months and I don't think it will get easier, but the Lord has enabled me to do what needed to be done.
Now in 4 very very short days I leave. *heart hurts* *stomach flips*
Lord I need you help me thanks amen!